How to cut hair at home? See how easy it is!

How to cut hair at home?  See how easy it is!

How to cut hair at home? See how easy it is!

Cutting your hair at home seems like a complication and, for some, even crazy, due to the chances of making a mistake, literally, the haircut, the fringe or the “feet” of the hair.

To make matters worse, the Pandemic drove many people away from salons and barbers. But with the mane loose and now this heat that comes with everything, it’s very worthwhile to learn to fend for yourself, in other words, cut your hair at home. Check out some tips below!

Necessary Utensils

First, some accessories are essential: mirror, scissors, fine comb and towards the end, a Vacuum cleaner to keep everything clean. For men, a hair clipper it’s essential. Not only for haircuts, but if you prefer a “full job”, some hair clippers like Philco Multi Groom Hair Trimmer Or the Cadence’s Champion Cut Hair Clipper they already come with scissors and other accessories for both cutting and trimming the beard, sideburns and unwanted hairs on the nose and ears.


Before starting, keep all accessories separate, within easy reach. So that the hair does not disturb or cause allergies in contact with the skin, you can do it as in the salon. You don’t need a cape to cut your hair, a towel wrapped around your neck and over your shoulders is enough. For men with short hair, the cut can be done dry, but for those with long hair, the ideal is to cut with wet strands, so that the ends are level. Stand in front of a mirror throughout the entire process, and preferably avoid distractions.


Nowadays, there are several tutorials according to the haircut you want. Here we are going to talk in general, as some cuts require more practice. The main tip is to always cut in the opposite direction of hair growth. As the direction changes in different parts of the head, if in doubt, run your fingers between the wires and notice where the counterforce occurs.


For men with short hair, after combing, divide the hair into sections and then choose one side to start, then the other in sequence, to remember exactly how the side was done. Then the top and as the back is more difficult to do alone, leave it last.

Credit: WikiHow


Credit: WikiHow

Take care of the sides first, passing the machine slowly. The ideal is to pass a shorter machine comb along the general line of the cut and around the ears, where the hairs grow faster to the point of jumping over the ears. A shorter machine comb is also used for a undercut (cut in which the nape and sides are shaved with a hair clipper and the top is higher).

If your hair is long, with the strands damp and combed, go in parts. Lift the lock and slide your fingers (or a fine-tooth comb) away from the head to the ends, leaving what will be cut. Cut the remaining hair with the scissors perpendicular to the comb or fingers, always looking in the mirror and taking great care not to hurt yourself. Do this for all the hair.


For the back, use a second mirror, but if you’re not so sure, get someone else to help. To ensure leveling, you can also use the palm of one hand horizontally behind your head, using it as a guide, and slide the machine slowly.

Cut hairTop

If your hair is long and you are going to remove the ends, just do the same process you did for the sides with the scissors. Now, if you prefer to cut with the machine, define the comb sizes and pass it slowly, using a fine comb as a guide.


Finish the chops and the foot carefully and slowly. you can use a by trimmer or even the hair clipper. Follow the natural hairline and for the sideburns: if you want long, trim from the end of the ears or shorter, use the depression of the cheekbone as a base (place your finger on the bone to feel) and trim from there.


Well, as women’s hair allows for a multitude of cuts, which even require greater skill, we will cover the two most common cuts for you to perform alone and comfortably at home. After all, anyone who goes to the pot with a lot of thirst can get smeared.

First of all, if you have wet hair, don’t forget that the humidity makes the strands heavy, with the impression that the strand is longer. When it dries, the strands go up a little. So, when cutting with wet hair, calculate at least 1 finger more than the level you want to use the scissors, that is, leave the length greater than ideal, as the ends will rise when the hair dries.


One of the most common cuts is the fringe, in fact, it is very common to find people who make their own fringe at home. Even more so if you don’t intend to go to the salon and already have bangs bothering your eyes. First, separate the fringe from the rest of the hair and moisten that part. If your hair is curly, the ideal is to cut dry to ensure the desired height. Comb the bangs, join the lock and form the top towards the eyebrows in a triangle shape. Cut at the preferred height, remembering that the traditional fringe is at eye level, the medium fringe is at the level of the nose and the fringe is between the mouth and the chin.

If, when separating the strand into a triangle, you twist the ends before cutting, the fringe will have a scalloped aspect on the side. If you want straight bangs, just pass the scissors horizontally next to the face at the desired height. You can use a fine-tooth comb to align and cut more accurately.

trimming the ends

Now, to trim the ends, it will depend on your current cut. But regardless of the cut, comb your hair thoroughly first, removing all the tangles.

straight cut

If your cut is straight, first divide the hair into two parts, throwing one part forward and leaving another part behind, as in the illustration below. Then bend your neck until your chin rests on your chest and look at the ends of the hair in front of you, imagining a horizontal line at the height you want to remove. Position the scissors and move from side to side slowly. That’s it, you’ve cut the part that split forward.

Cut hair

Credit: Gil Tokyo/Superinteressante

To cut off the back part, clip the front part to the top of the head and throw the back part to the front in a split fashion: one part on one side and the other on the other side. Release a stuck strand that has already been cut, comb the strand and the strands that are on the sides, and use the strand that you released from the top as a height reference to cut the part that remains to be cut.

Chopped or layered cut

If your hair has this type of cut, after combing it, make a ponytail at the back of the head and toss it forward to cut the ends horizontally. Yes, to continue the peaked cut, cut straight. In order not to leave a cut so marked and give lightness to the strands, use only the tip of the scissors to give smooth perforations on the edges of the strands.

These are the most common cuts for both men and women. Of course, there are other types of cuts, but for those who are starting to cut their hair themselves at home, it is already a big step and a great value. A good way to feel more confident about cutting your own hair is to start trimming the ends. Oh, and practice is everything. 😉

For men, if you haven’t cut your hair yourself for lack of a machine, click below to choose the best option for you.

Find your hair clipper here!

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