God Bless Our Love

God Bless Our Love - Thinker

God Bless Our Love – Thinker

May our love be beautiful in the eyes of God and that each day that passes we may be a couple blessed by the Holy Spirit.

Paulo Eduardo Souza Marques

Our history was written by God.
A divine gift,
This great love that
keep alive in hopes of touching my smile to yours,
my hands in yours,
and, together, on our knees,
thanking God.

Maria Francisca Leite

Our love is one that only happens once in a lifetime, a gift given by God!

Stefani Alves

We trust in God and He has blessed our love! It was worth waiting for you! Beautiful promises we are living! Our home is full of blessings!

four for one

A dream that God fulfilled
our love came from heaven
where there is no imperfection
my heart, screaming, says
That I love you!


I pray for us because giving our love to God to care for is making sure we have a blessed future!

Dhione Titus

We are a couple blessed by God, shielded by the divine shield from all the envy and greed that exists around us.


You were a divine gift sent to me, and I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. May He bless our love forever.


No envy can separate a couple blessed by God. May He always bless our love and keep us away from all that is bad.


Let’s share a little house
a bed, sleeping with a shell
God blessed our union

Jorge e Mateus

⁠I know that our union was planned by God and that you are a divine gift in my life. And what God has joined, my love, no one separates.


Four years have passed already
that our union
God of Heaven came to confirm
the feeling of the heart

I’m happy God who gave me
the sacred gift of the will
called me here, here i am
witnessing your truth

I lived so needy
God took pity on me
Delivered a consistent love
Satisfied me at last

honor and great joy
to be able to serve you
treasure of harmony
We’re even one to follow

I’ve never seen such courage
and so great love
being together on this trip
close to the Lord

Samuel Ranner

⁠May our union with God be like a wedding at the time of the ceremony in which it is said: “I promise to love and respect you in joy and sorrow, in health and in sickness, in wealth and poverty, for all the days of my life, until death do us part” Ops: this union does not have (until death do us part) We believe in life, (after) death. So this union with God and all sacred is eternal. Let’s be honest in this union, he is the father who will never fail us and from him we will receive real (eternal) love. Father, we ask for your blessings for us and all our brothers, incarnate and discarnate. You are our light. Amen!


Your pain is my pain, and our love is always flower…
A good perfume, that God blessed!

Gion band

Stop crying, I want to see you smile, our love is blessed by God and no one will destroy.

Delson Jacinto Vieira

Looking at the stars I found myself thinking about the two of us,
our love is so beautiful that God has blessed us.

Forró conductors

We have everything to work out… Our love was blessed by God.


May God bless our love and continue to give us wisdom and patience to continue building together the beautiful story of our union.


May God bless our love every day and that we always try to live by guiding us by His Word.

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