Clothing Names in English: Fashion Guide

clothing names in english

Clothing Names in English: Fashion Guide

Without a doubt, shopping in English-speaking countries can be a difficult task, given the local language and vocabulary.

With that in mind, our online English team at Cambly has prepared a special guide with all the information about clothing names in English. Check out!

Whether it’s shopping, bartering or complimenting someone’s look, learning English clothing names is a task every traveler must learn before venturing into English-speaking countries.

Imagine shopping without knowing how to verbally refer to items or seasons. It can cause a huge mess, can’t it? Therefore, in this article you will find everything and more about everything that involves the names of clothes in English.

Below, you will learn the main Portuguese to English clothing translations, how to say some clothing sections according to articles and seasons, as well as accessories, fabrics and sizes of clothing names in English. Check out!

clothing names in english

clothing names in english

Classification of clothing according to articles, sections and seasons

Arriving at a clothing store and knowing how to say a certain section of garments can speed up – and a lot – the task of shopping. Imagine arriving at a department store in the US and not knowing how to say “children’s section”, for example?

These stores are often huge and it can take forever to find the section you want. Furthermore, even in smaller stores, knowing exactly what you want can allow salespeople and employees to resolve their queries as soon as possible.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of translations from English to Portuguese so that you know what each term means and, thus, be able to use them in your next purchases outside Brazil!

types of men's clothing in english

types of men's clothing in English

English-Portuguese translation of clothing according to articles, sections and seasons

  • Women’s clothing – Feminine fashion;
  • men’s clothing – Men’s fashion;
  • children’s clothing – Kids Fashion;
  • baby clothing – Fashion for babies (newborns);
  • sports clothing – Sports fashion;
  • winter clothing – Winter fashion;
  • summer clothing – Summer fashion;
  • casual clothing – Casual fashion;
  • formal clothing – Formal fashion;
  • women’s underwear – Women’s underwear;
  • men’s underwear – Men’s underwear;
  • swimwear – Swimsuit.


Where’s the men’s clothing department? (Where is the men’s clothing department?)

Anyone who is already at a more advanced level of English may notice that the word “clothing” is repeated in many of the terms, that is, just say the type of clothing you want before “clothing” to communicate correctly.

types of clothes in English

types of clothing in english

English to Portuguese clothing translation list

t-shirtt: shirt
shirt: Shirt
Long-sleeved shirt: Long Sleeve Shirt
Polo Shirt: Polo shirt
Pants: Pants (American English) and trousers (British English)
Jeans: Jeans
dress pants: dress pants
shorts: shorts or shorts
tank top: Regatta (For both men and women)
sweatshirt: Knit, sweatshirt
Hoodie: Hoodie or sweater with hood
sweater: sweater, blouse
Blazer: Blazer
suit: Suit
tuxedo: tuxedo
cutaway: cutaway
jacket: Jacket
leather jacket: Leather jacket
leather coat: Leather jacket
coat: Jacket
Overcoat: About everything
dress: Dress (short dress = short dress, long dress = long dress)
skirt: Get out (long skirt = long skirt, Short skirt = mini skirt)
Leggings: Leggings (It has the same name in English, type of pants that go to the ankle.)
Blouse: Blouse (Used for women)
turtleneck: turtleneck blouse
Socks: Socks


I’m searching for leather jacket, please. (I’m looking for a leather jacket please)

Main names of fabrics in English

denim: denim
Jeans: Jeans
cotton: Cotton
Linen: Linen
Silk: silk
Wool: There
Velvet: Velvet or Velvet

Clothes Sizes in English

Extra small (XS): Extra Small (PP)
Small size (S): Small size (P)
Medium size (M): Average size (M)
Large size (L): Large size (G)
Extra large size (XL): Extra large size (XG)
Extra extra large (XXL): Extra Extra Large (XGG)
Plus size: Plus size.


Question in English: What size do you wear? (what size do you wear)

Underwear in English

Underwear, underpants or undergarment: Underwear
bra or brassiere: Bra
panties: Panties
Briefs: Underpants
boxer shorts: Boxer shorts
Lingerie: lingerie
nightgown: Nightdress
Pajamas: Pajamas

swimwear in english

Bikini: Bikini
one-piece swimsuit Or just swimsuit: Swimsuit
swimming trunks: swim trunks, swimming trunks
swimming goggles: Swimming Goggles
Bathrobe or robe: Bathrobe
swimming cap, swim cap or bathing cap: Swimming cap
Bath Towel: Bath towel

English Women's Clothing English

women's clothing in English

Accessories in English

Belt: Belt
wallet: Portfolio
hat: Hat
Cap: Cap
shoes: Shoes
boots: boots
sneakers: Sneakers
Flip-Flops or slipper: Flip flop
Sandals: sandals
scarf: Scarf
earring: Earring
Necklace: Necklace or choker
bracelet: Bracelet
ring: Ring
purse: Handbag
ribbon: ribbon or hair bow
tie: Tie
Watch: Clock
sweatband: Strap to put on forehead or wrist to contain sweat.
Gloves: Gloves
raincoat: Raincoat
hanger: Clothes hanger

Yes, you can! Yes, you Cambly!

See how everything gets easier with Cambly’s tips? Now just use the vocabulary learned in the article on your next trip.

However, if you still have questions, be sure to consult our native teachers to learn more about the topic. O Collum G, for example, can give you great tips on English clothing names! use code blog15minutes and watch 15 minutes of class for free.

And be sure to read other amazing articles we’ve prepared for you! Today, our reading recommendation is: Why take English classes online?

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