Are Overnight Oats Good After 7 Days?

If you make enough to get you through all five days of the work week, will they actually stay good until Friday? Overnight oats can be stored in an airtight container for up to five days in the refrigerator. The caveat is that they’ll continue to soften the longer they sit — which might be a bonus if you like your oatmeal on the super-creamy side.

The expiration date of oatmeal can vary depending upon the type, condition, and storage options used. In the end, it is safe to eat expired oats depending on the quality, preparation and storage. When stored under optimal conditions, oats can stay fresh for years after the expiration date.

No cook oats absorb the liquid while soaking overnight and are ready to be eaten the very next day. The oats soak up the in about 4 hours, however it is recommended to the mixture to sit for at least 12 hours before consuming.

Just because overnight oats aren’t the best way to start the day doesn’t mean that they can’t fit into a healthy diet elsewhere. In fact, oats can and should be incorporated into the diet as they have many beneficial health effects. 1. Oats keep the heart healthy.

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