60 options for your feed

Image shows tumblr phrases 2021

60 options for your feed

Destroyed in the photo and want a caption that makes it even more interesting? Tumblr 2021 phrases are very popular options, because they have a reflective view on different situations and feelings. They tend to lift the spirits and reinforce the importance of self-knowledge to acquire the potential for growth and overcoming difficulties.

We’ve put together 60 suggestions for you, which can be shared on social networks, on the WhatsApp status or serve as a personal reading. Check out!

Tumblr 2021 Phrases and Status

Tumblr is a free microblogging platform whose aesthetics and messages have become references. The texts usually reflect on different aspects of life and include spirituality, growth, challenges, gratitude, self-love, positivity, relationships…

1 – “Live and not be ashamed to be happy.” (Gonzaguinha)

2 – Love is the path to spiritual evolution.

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3 – The light that illuminates me comes from above.

4 – The more we say thanks, the more good things happen.

5 – Accept what is, forget what was, have faith in what will be.


6 – There is always another chance, another friendship or another love. For every end a restart.

7 – And may we never lack hope for better days.

8 – “I leave sadness and bring hope in its place.” (Cassia Eller)

9 – Never give up. The road is long, but victory is certain.

10 – There is no chance, what comes brings the learning that your soul needs.


11 – Life begins where your comfort zone ends.

12 – Either you risk it or you conform.

13 – It’s not about always getting it right, but about learning from your mistakes.

Image shows tumblr phrases and status

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14 – Happiness comes from the inside out.

15 – What is to be will flourish.


16 – The change you are looking for may lie in the resignation you do not make.

17 – Listen to what your soul says. Take life a little more slowly.

18 – I remain convinced that the worst loss is the waste of time.

19 – β€œEvery moment is a new beginning.” (TS Eliot)


20 – The smile is the expression of the lips, when the eyes find what the heart is looking for.

21 – The important thing is not to win every day, but to fight always.

22 – The best moments in life are like rainbows: they appear when you least expect them.

23 – Living in the past only delays the future.

Tumblr 2021 phrases gratitude

24 – β€œGratitude is a feeling of love that lifts the spirit and unites us to God.” (Zibia Gasparetto)

25 – I smile, thank you and live.

26 – Peace in the soul, love in the heart, gratitude for life and faith on the way.

27 – β€œWe must be grateful to God for the small details. In the details we find out the value of a reality. Looking at the ins and outs of life makes a difference.” (Father FΓ‘bio de Melo)

28 – In a heart where gratitude dwells, happiness will always abide.

29 – Gratitude brings joy to life.

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30 – Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

31 – β€œUse gratitude as a cloak. And this one will feed every corner of your life.” (Rumi)

32 – Let faith blossom in you, gratitude rebuild you and love lead you.


33 – When you thank, your soul ennobles.

34 – The habit of giving thanks releases the flow of receiving.

35 – Be grateful for now.

36 – Of all the ingredients of life, gratitude is the sweetest.


37 – β€œAcross the Bible, we are commanded to be grateful. Gratitude is the natural flow of a heart that is in tune with God.” (Billy Graham)

38 – When you don’t know what to do, just close your eyes, smile and give thanks for having God in your life: he will know how to welcome you.

Tumblr phrases 2021 couple

39 – β€œAs soon as love entered the middle, the middle became love.” (Los Hermanos)

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40 – β€œThe measure of love is to love without measure.” (St. Augustine)

41 – The best love phrase is one that the eyes say what the mouth cannot express.

42 – The smile is mine, but the reason is you.


43 – I now know that miracles happen, because I met you.

44 – Happiness for me is being able to have you in my arms and your mouth in my kisses.

45 – “You give me luck, my love.” (Gal Costa)

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46 – β€œIt took me a long time to find you. Now I just want you.” (Fabio Jr.)

47 – β€œI know I’ll love you all my life.” (Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes)

48 – β€œI want to share the good life with you.” (Rubel)

Tumblr 2021 phrases alone

49 – She took a shitload of self-esteem and the hangover was smiles.


50 – β€œOne fine day I decided to change and do everything I wanted to do.” (Rita Lee)

51 – What’s different about you is what’s most beautiful.

52 – β€œYou will laugh, without realizing it. Happiness is just a matter of being.” (Marcelo Jeneci)


53 – Instead of wishing to be someone else, make what makes you different shine even more.

54 – Only those who are whole know how to overflow.


55 – Dare to be yourself. After all, everyone else already exists.

56 – The most beautiful smile is the one that comes from nowhere. Loose, free and sincere.

Image shows caption for photo alone

(Photo: Malu Pires/Disclosure)

57 – May the goal be happiness and not perfection.

58 – β€œFree to be able to smile, free to be able to seek my place in the sun.” (Charlie Brown Jr.)

59 – β€œWisdom begins with reflection.” (Socrates)


60 – β€œWhoever looks outside dreams. Whoever looks inside wakes up” (Carl Jung)

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