Phrases for a hidden and hidden love, that no puedo tener

Phrases for a hidden and hidden love, that no puedo tener

Phrases for a hidden and hidden love, that no puedo tener

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Messages for an impossible love, a passion or a secret relationship that drives me crazy, a forbidden lover, a friend with rights or for an idyllic or impossible love with the one I love.

You are my impossible love, my forbidden passion, a friend with rights and the secret but hidden in my life. That’s you.
Phrases for a hidden love that no puedo tener

Messages for the loves that we keep very much in our hearts, because we can only dream of them and not have them.
For this persona who has left huellas that we cannot blur, ni forget.

Messages and phrases for mi amor impossible

♡ You are the way to have the world of decimation, the beautiful that is life.
♡ The souls that are truly loved, not forgotten, not absent.
♡ Aunque seas an impossible love, in the impossibility of thinking about you, of desire and want, no reason.
♡ The only defect that you have, only in awakening today by my side.
♡ In spite of everything, I wouldn’t exchange a minute of ayer with you, for years of life without you.
No cambiaría a minute of ayer with you, for years of life without you

♡ I secretly desire you, I love you and I hope you arrive on this day when I can have you.
♡ Lo siento pero no puedo dejar to dream with you, no matter how bad you try, no matter how bad you try. No puedo can detener these big tan greeds of tenerte.
♡ Aunque mi amor never obtains the prize of your kisses, yo lo mismo he de querte, without words and in secret, as to love those who suffer, those who want in silence.
♡ I want you to kill me with a kiss and kill me to resuscitate me. I want you to hug me as you do, who seems to be reventing it.
♡ There are stories that never find their moment, but not because they end, they don’t give up.
Hay stories that never end

♡ Quiz today no puedas amarme, but I’m patient. Quiz mañana puedas. Never give up on you, never give up on wanting you.
♡ Not all nightmares live sleeping. Some live awake, crying, I’m supported by a love like yours, which you can’t have.
♡ If you tuviera que comenzar mi vida again, I would try to find you much sooner.
♡ If someone makes you happy, it’s for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s fleeting, I’m uncertain or prohibited.
♡ If life gives me the opportunity to ask for a desire, I would ask to see you again.

Phrases to dedicate to my hidden and clandestine love

♡ I would like in the tener that I could hide so that I could love you, but whatever you would have to do with worshiping.
♡ Sometimes I have to fight that I want you in secret, but it makes me think about how much I want, so I don’t get the creeps and I follow you there, wanting to.

♡ My heart has never been forgotten, whence its best barks… at your side.
My heart has never been forgotten, whence my best barks

♡ Aunque no pueda tenerte and you have to be solo un sueño, I swear I will follow you by wanting and in mis nights, I will continue dreaming.
♡ You are my secret love and if it is necessary so it will be, until the day that our child can come out in the light and we can shout it to everyone as much as we want.
♡ Hoy no te puedo tener, but mañana sí. So in desperation I wait for you to want me, all the time that is lacking.
♡ Not all of us died of love, some of us died of memories of what I might have been, of what was not…
♡ There are no wrongful loves. There are difficult, improbable or desperate loves, but not mistaken. There is little love there, that any feeling that comes from the heart, can only be a caress and there are no wrong caress.

Sentences una pasión hidden the relationship in secret

♡ Unque no lo parezca, unque no lo demestre, unque no if you confide in nadie, you’re not in my mind, never.
♡ You’re the one who doesn’t get out of my head, this passion that I have nailed in my heart and this love for what would give life today.
♡ You are for me, my sueño impossible, but for what I think I struggle, never have hopes, because if not, for what I want to live.
♡ Dime que hiciste to olvidarme tan fast. Yo no se ni because of where empezar…
♡ You will always be my favorite star, even if you decide to light up other stars…
You will always be my favorite star

♡ Ladista y tu olvido does not prevent me from reading Dios to take care of you and to watch over your sueños.
♡ You went on this train that only passed once and yo with my heart on the road…
♡ Today I have a kiss for your absence, an embrace for you to remember, a sigh for you to forget and add to your indifference.
♡ There are twin souls who may never sleep together, but they will always sleep. Danns Vega.
♡ Esos ojos tuyos every time you look at me, make my soul tiemble of love.
♡ Aunque usted sea an impossible love. Aunque usted sea today is a forbidden love, nothing can stop him from dreaming. And if dreaming is a sin, may God forgive me, because when it comes to love, the heart is the one who commands.
Nothing can stop him from dreaming

♡ Aun in the deepest silence, love it all…
♡ Hay impossible loves that did not touch you to get tattooed by the soul and the skin.
♡ This sad affection, passionate and loco, is always me in the soul to love you. I do not love you much. If you love it, you will never love it again. José Angel Buesa.
♡ Elijo amarte en soledad, because in solitude only to me you belong to me.
Elijo adored you en la distance, because en la distance I protect myself from pain.
Y elijo tenerte en mis sueños, because mis sueños… no tienen fin.

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