6 haircuts that will be trending in 2022!

woman with shaved hair

6 haircuts that will be trending in 2022!

New year, new life and new look too, right? At every turn of the year, we seek to renew our style, already researching the trends that will be on the rise in the coming seasons.

One of the first promises is to give the look a makeover, and the highlights are not left out! To help you with this goal, we selected the cuts that will hit the mark in 2022, take a look:


Buzzcut is for those who want to give their locks a radical makeover! Very daring, the cut completely changes the look, since the process is to shave the hair with the machine 1. Ultra short, it is a procedure indicated for those who are very detached and want a laid-back and super alternative look.

woman with shaved hair@marikrugerbwoman with shaved hair@rockthatbuzz

French Bob

For a refined and modern look, the french bob is the right choice and has already been successful among bloggers! A short cut at the chin and with light layers, it brings a lot of movement to the lock, ensuring a look with a lot of glamor and grace.

woman with short haircut@gabriellebassettwoman with short haircut@hairbynadja

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Curtain Bangs

Another trend that came back to attack the fringes was the curtain bangs. Success in the 60s, it is a larger cut on the sides and a short cut on the eyebrows, ending with a peak. It’s a super charming and charming look, perfect for a modern and sophisticated style.

woman with long haircut@alearaujowoman with long haircut@kelly.jf

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The cut will invade beauty salons with everything! The so-called shaggy hair is one that has a messy, messy appearance. It is all layered and asymmetrical, which brings a lot of volume to the strands. It can have a fringe or not, you choose! The best thing is that it looks good on any length, from the nape of the neck to the long strands.

woman with average haircut@nataliarokmedium cut woman@renata_bonato

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baby bang

The short fringe, or baby bang, will be with everything in 2022. A fresh look, youthful and full of personality! The new feature of the season is that the fringes are well loaded in the frayed to give an asymmetrical and stripped look. The advantage is that it is good for hair of any length and type.

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cut in layers

A classic that never goes out of style! For those who love a natural look, with lots of movement and lightness, the layered cut is the ideal choice! It’s perfect for long hair, but you can invest in any hair length. In addition, it looks amazing on curly locks.

woman with layered haircut@zagohaircoachsalonwoman with layered haircut@maurilima_

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