2021 female haircuts: +120 photos of cuts and trends

2018 female haircuts

2021 female haircuts: +120 photos of cuts and trends

2018 female haircuts

If you’re thinking of changing your look and already want to know what the main trends in women’s haircuts 2021 will be, just scroll down to find endless inspirations for the latest haircuts!

To the female hair there are always new things every season and for the year 2021 it won’t be different. Therefore, we are going to show you the new trends in 2021 haircuts for short, medium, long and curly hair. So, enjoy the post that we from wefashiontrends we prepare for you! New year, new look!

2021 haircuts

The coming year brings a wide range of colors and styles for you who are looking to change your look. The big news in relation to what is already in vogue is counting the yarns with fancy colors like pink, green and purple, in addition to the medium haircut and the long bob, which are here to stay and are still going strong in 2021. In addition to him, another cut that is still on the rise is the long bob, which is just below the shoulder, after that comes a cut bob, the one over the shoulder.


And if you have frizzy or curly hair, know that this trend also comes to you, this type of cut in curly hair is perfect for a version with a lot of volume and connected layers: they give better fit and still give movement, just the way Brazilians like it!

Women’s haircuts 2020: The main bets of the season

Want to know what the main ones will be 2021 female haircuts? So keep up with us, we’ll show you everything that will make your head!

2018 female hair trend

2021 short haircuts

Easy to fix and super practical, the short haircuts 2021 arrived and conquered the women. One of the models that will be on the rise are the short bob cuts. For the shorter ones, the length can be at the chin line or a little below. It may have a slightly elongated front, almost forming a beak, and the back is close to the nape of the neck, with the tips slightly peaked or frayed.

An unbeatable combination for this cut is fringe elongated laterally with tip and very short length at the nape of the neck.

You curly and curly they will also have a light shred to “fit” the curls. This time, the volume will be more concentrated at the root than at the length, which reaches the height of the ear.

We can’t forget the pixie cuts, the very famous cut joãozinho, which is increasingly gaining famous fans around the world. The trend for 2020 is that the hair is increasingly natural, monochromatic, without streaks and with closed tones.

2018 short haircut

short hair short bob 2018

2018 trend short hair

short hair trend

2018 haircut short curly hair

2018 bob short hair

asymmetrical short bob hair

2018 short bob haircut in curly

2018 short bob haircut

2018 short bob short haircut

short bob haircut

2018 short bob cut


haircuts-2018-curly and curly




fernanda vasconcellos short bob

2018 short bob hair trend

short curly hair

medium haircuts

O long bob cut which has been on the rise in recent years, will be the 2021 cut. For frizzy or curly hair, the cut is also super adaptable. To make the cuts, the curls must be looser and longer.

A cut that will stand out in 2021 is the so-called blunt cut, which is nothing more than an unpretentious straight cut that will win your heart. It is shoulder length, its base is straight, it has no layers or frayed edges. This cut model is ideal for women with straight hair, as it guarantees an effect of polished and aligned strands.

for those who have curly, curly or wavy hair and want to bet on this cut, it’s good to remember that this model brings more volume to the ends of the hair. So that the cut is always beautiful, it is necessary to take very good care of the threads. The most suitable cut is the curly lob, also with length at the shoulders and connected and very voluminous layers, with the right to a slight peaking at the ends.

2018 long bob haircuts trend

haircuts-2018-long bobcut camila queiroz long bob

2018 long bob haircut

2018 trend long bob cut


long bob 2018
long bob with short hair 2018

long bob haircut 2018

blunt cut hair 2018

blunt cut with bangs haircut 2018

blunt cut haircut 2018

2018 haircut blunt cut straight cut

2018 haircut blunt cut short

2018 haircut blunt cut trend

2018 haircut blunt cut

2018 haircut straight cut

2018 haircuts

2018 haircut kim kardashian blunt cut

blunt cut haircut 2018

blunt cut straight haircut 2018

straight cut blunt cut 2018

straight cut 2018 haircut trend

blunt cut haircut

straight haircut 2018

straight haircut blunt cut

straight haircut long hair blunt cut

kendall jenner blunt cut straight cut

medium curly haircut

2018 haircut straight hair

2018 curly haircut bets

haircut 2018 camila coutinho

2018 curly haircut medium cut

2018 trendline curly haircut

2018 curly haircut

2018 medium curly haircuts

long haircuts

To the long straight hair one of the main trends will be the long layered and peaked cuts. The layered style is quite democratic, as long as you take into account the aspects of each type of yarn, such as volume, for example.

The peaked cut is still in the hearts of many women, and the v-cut is resurging, after a forgotten season. For those who like movement and lightness, you should bet on the cut with the peaked ends.

The straight cut also appears, following the trend of blunt cut.
haircut 2018 curls

haircut 2018 curly hair

haircut 2018 haircut in v

2018 haircut curly hair

haircut 2018 curly hair

haircut 2018 layered hair

2018 haircut long hair chopped

2018 haircut long straight hair

haircut 2018 long hair

haircut 2018 peaked hair trend

2018 haircut chopped hair

2018 haircut straight hair 1

2018 haircut straight hair

2018 haircut curly

2018 long straight haircut with bangs

2018 long straight haircut

2018 chopped haircut

2018 haircut

straight haircut 2018


haircuts-2018-long hair


haircuts-2018-paolla-oliveira-long hair




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