TOP 10 popular book novelties of 2019

Reading books not only gives each of us an opportunity to have an interesting time. This lesson develops the imagination and mental abilities of a person, and also forms the ability to sensibly assess the surrounding reality. If you have not yet been able to decide which of the books you should buy, we are happy to provide you with the necessary information about the popular novelties in the world of literature in 2019.

Sleeping beauties

The novel Sleeping Beauties, which opens our top ten today, is the joint masterpiece of the “king of horrors” Stephen King and his youngest son Owen, who prior to this collaboration with his father was gaining experience in scripting. In this book, King Sr. surpasses even himself, and perhaps it was his son’s participation in the creation of the work that brought its colors to the plot. The action of the book plunges the reader into a women’s prison, where prisoners are exposed to an unknown bacteriological weapon. Women fall asleep and are covered with a thin, invisible shell, the damage of which causes attacks of inhuman rage in awakened ones. The consequences of what is happening turn into a real nightmare for others.

One of us is lying

Bestseller American Karen M. McManus is one of the best detective stories of 2019, in which the name of the main villain remains a mystery to the last pages. The action takes place in a specialized classroom for students who are serving sentences. In a rigged accident, one of the five students in the room, Simon, dies. Who became the heartless killer of an outsider who always pokes his nose into other people’s affairs? A popular student and a recognized beauty or an ambitious, diligent girl who thinks only about her studies? Could it be a local baseball star or a substance-distributing “difficult” teenager? Finding out which of the students punished that day is the culprit of the tragedy is the main task of the police in an intriguing plot.

Angry king

Hawley Black’s fantasy novel “The Evil King” is a sequel to the famous bestseller and one of the anticipated books of 2019. This is a non-trivial story about a real earthly girl who dreamed of power and, thanks to her tricks, delicate calculations and pressure, was able to become the ruler of a fantasy world. However, as it turned out, winning the throne is much easier than keeping it. After the betrayal of a very close person, the main character manages to retain control of the kingdom, but she never became her own in this world. Much attention is paid to the development of the relationship between Jude and Cardan. And the ending will simply discourage the reader with its unpredictability.

The silent patient

Our list continues with Alex Michaelides’ outstanding psychological thriller The Silent Patient. The main character is the talented artist Alicia Berenson, who successfully married a famous photographer and lived in one of the most prestigious areas of London. However, the whole fairy tale and the perfect picture of her life disappear after Alicia was found opposite her husband, who was shot five times in the face. Since that tragic moment, she has not uttered a word. The mystery of this act has greatly interested the public and the criminal psychotherapist, who gets a job at a clinic for the sake of a silent patient, passionately dreams of solving this mystery. He enthusiastically takes up the case of our heroine and tries to make her speak.

People among the trees

The book “People Among the Trees” is recognized as the bright and provocative debut of the American Hania Yanagihara. The events described on the pages of the work are based on a real story about an American scientist, Nobel Prize laureate, who in the last century was engaged in the study of a deadly virus found on the islands of New Guinea. Norton Perina – the protagonist of this exciting plot decides to repeat the path of the explorer, and, settling in a lost tribe among the impenetrable jungle, tries to find out from the local population the secret of longevity.

Tobol. Few chosen

The second part of the novel by Alexei Ivanov could not but be included in our list. This book is a continuation of an amazing story, where the main characters, by coincidence, are in a distant and harsh deserted Siberia. The “invited” to the harsh terrain near the Tobol River must now determine which of them belongs to the “chosen ones.” Clashes with Asian tribes, the search for gold, the fusion of paganism and Orthodoxy – a very turbulent time in which each hero finds a moment to listen to the whisper of an inner voice.

Deadly whiteness

The famous J.K. Rowling, hiding under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, deserves a place on our list and tells in her book Deadly Whiteness about childhood psychological trauma received by the main character in the distant past. Billy is sure that he witnessed the terrible murder of a child by an unknown man. The terrible phobia associated with that mythical event does not leave him for many years. Detective Strike helps the protagonist unravel the mystical tangle of distant memories.

The art of light touch

At the end of summer, bookstores were decorated with a new work by a kind of Russian writer Viktor Pelevin. The unique and peculiar style of the author in this work will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated reader. The events described in the book take place with different people at different times and in different countries. Frightening destinies, mysticism and mythological references are collected …

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