The best cuts for those with long hair

The best cuts for those with long hair

The best cuts for those with long hair

Women who like to cultivate long strands are always looking for new cuts so that the look doesn’t get heavy and dull. If you have long hair, and don’t give it up, you can invest in different looks that will breathe new life into your look. See some options!

long hair in layers

Generally, layers start from the chin down, with a nice fringe. At other times, the layers are just at the ends, to give movement to the threads. This option combines very well with the U-shaped cut, which makes the look even lighter.

long hair chopped

For those who want to adopt a wilder look. The peaking can start at the height of the fringes and extend to the ends of the strands. It is an option that exudes sensuality and self-confidence, in addition to highlighting the waves of the locks very well.

Long hair with short bangs

A short fringe, whether a few fingers above the eyebrow line or over the eyebrow, brings youthfulness and freshness to the look. If you’re looking for something very modern and laid-back, leave the fringe to be chopped and the strands asymmetrical. It’s a success for sure!

Long hair with bangs

For those who don’t like the short bangs, one option is to bet on that bangs, thrown to the side that marks the chin line. Cutting alone works very well to break the monotony of long hair. But you can also combine it with a peaked. It’s success!

Long hair in a straight cut

A lot of people like having their hair anyway, long and straight, without many inventions. For this, make sure that your hair is very well cared for and silky. Otherwise, you will look sloppy.

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asymmetrical long hair

It’s similar to the long bob, but the back cut starts just below the nape line so that the front ends reach a longer length. Another modern bet that can go along with a nice peaking at the ends to make it even more stylish.

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Long hair with side cut

The haircut with one side shaved is perfect for fashionistas. In addition to being a versatile option, which you only show when you want, it is a symbol of female empowerment. Take the risk without fear!

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Long U-cut hair

Rounding the ends of the hair is a smart choice for those who want to make their strands really long. You can leave them symmetrical or in layers and even risk some pecking that doesn’t detract from the cut. Gives movement and lightness to the look.

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Long hair for straight strands

Those who have straight hair find it easier to cultivate hair. On the other hand, they need to be very well taken care of. Any signs of brittle or frizzy hair appear a lot. Invest in hydration and trim the ends constantly.

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Long hair for wavy strands

Wavy hair brings movement and charm to long strands. Any cut to frame the face will look good and bring out the highlights. Invest in them to not let the look weigh you down.

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Long hair for curly strands

The curly hair is wild, rebellious and doesn’t go unnoticed anywhere. Bet on a good anti frizz to shape your curls and parade your hair around safely!

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Long hair for frizzy strands

Who said that black women with frizzy hair can’t have long hair? Of course they can! And it doesn’t have to be just black power. All you have to do is treat with constancy and use the correct products so that the strands are always beautiful and silky.

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