Phrases for Photo Maloka [100 legendas para Fotos]

Phrases for Photo Maloka [100 legendas para Fotos]

Phrases for Photo Maloka [100 legendas para Fotos]

Save par! Every maloka has vision, humility, ambition and chases progress! If you are a real maloka, check out our list below with 80 sentences for maloka photo and status to share on social media, after all, the good maloka is like a breed.

In this selection you will find passionate maloka phrases, motivational phrases, progress phrases, maloka couple and much more.

Phrases for Photos maloka

Took that key photo but don’t know which caption to use? Show that you are not a mandrake, that you also have maloka vision. Check out some suggestions for phrases for maloka photo:

We don’t count on luck, we count on God! $

I came from little and I don’t delude myself with too much!

The best way for things to flow is to keep your feet on the ground and not create too many expectations!

We have a good heart, but only for those who deserve it.

Moving away from those who don’t add up!

Acting transparently even with the fake ones, so as not to equal myself with them.

I say wrong, I write wrong, but I walk right not to be charged.

The journey is long, but the victory is certain

I’m focused on other things… Up front I’ll explain you better!

Maloka Phrases for WhatsApp Message

Whether on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, your profile has to be very presentable, that’s why we’ve also separated some maloka phrases for whatsapp messages.

I will never forget who let go of my hand when I needed it most!

Accumulating money, so as not to depend on the government or anyone else.

Chase? Only if it’s my progress, I wish you a big hug!

Only those who started at the bottom know the taste of each achievement. $2

It will flow and no one will understand anything…

There are several who say brother praying for you to fuck off!

Nobody puts faith in you until you show that you are capable of achieving what you most wanted!

And if I care about what other people say, I’ll never have anything… $2

Future chat is only for those with the same intention as you!

Faking dementia but always catching sight of everything!

Maloka’s Vision – Phrases for maloka photo

Catch the vision, maloka! The best phrases for maloka with vision photo for you to catch sight and post in status so other homies catch sight of maloka too.

Regardless of the situation, humility above all.

Never forget who helped you while everyone else made an excuse!

Regardless of anything, don’t hesitate with whoever closes you

The best way to demand hesitation is to maintain your posture, losing your reason equals you to many, having discipline is what sets you apart from everyone else!

When the situation is tight, I usually jump out of the boat, now when it starts to flow, everyone wants to paddle together

Luxury attracts friends, suffering selects them…

Don’t waste your time with revenge, bad people fuck themselves!

Be careful who you call an ally, betrayal most of the time is on your side.

Go thinking you have friends, see, chest friend is a vest, the rest is bullets!

Passionate Maloka Phrases for Photos

Check out several phrases of maloka couple and maloka in love to caption the photos with their mandraka.

I can’t wait to say: We did it

You don’t need to give me the world, just come with me on the journey we’ll both conquer it together!

Couple that battle together, grow together!

If you take a step for me, I’ll do all the walking for us.

A responsible mine, brings balance to even the most unbalanced mind!

I’m not rich and I don’t have an easy life, but I want to conquer it all by your side!

Ostentation really is having the luck of a quiet love and loyal friendships…

Do what if I’m like that, a passionate bum, my day is only good when I’m by your side.

It’s just that she’s my lady with the sweet look, she took the heart of this maloka for her.

Prom life was good while it lasted, now I’ve settled down.

My faithful one I don’t exchange for anything in this world. She wanted me with nothing, now she’s going to have me with everything!

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Progress to Status Phrases

Escape from perreco. Go in search of progress, maloka! Mc Marks says: “Aê minor, go get what’s yours, because what’s yours only you can reach“. Check out some progress phrases to inspire you.

Today are days of struggle, tomorrow will be days of glory. The world goes around!

We’re gone, but not stopped. Progressing in silence so as not to appear ill looked upon, as RATIONALS say: Who is not seen, is not remembered

Several in search of fame, I’m just looking for improvement…

Turn around, big world, I deserve to be happy too!

Bobo is the one who thinks we’re stuck. We seek to evolve in silence, to make noise in victory!

Slowly I will conquer things, without stepping foot and without diminishing people!

I’ll still conquer everything I want and it leaves a lot of jaw dropping!

Real progress is going up in life without making anyone a step.

Progress is made in silence because envy does not sleep and keeps an eye on your life every day.

I have a changed mind and completely reformed… Lately I only think about progress and nothing else! $2

Good Morning Maloka Messages

The best good morning messages to send in WhatsApp groups and to your homies. Start the day by thanking God and wishing good things for your family and partners.

Regardless of the situation we are in, the first action of the day is to thank God for having woken up! Good Morning!

Good morning family! May today be blessed. Amen!

What do you have for today? Smile, thank and move on! Good Morning!

Good Morning! Thank you God for blessing me so much more than I deserve.

Today I woke up, I’m healthy, I’m alive, thank you!

Have a day blessed by God! May it be illuminated by much joy, love and peace.

Only those who run after their goals are able to achieve success. Good Morning!

Good Morning. Another morning is dawning and with it a new chance to be happy and fulfill your dreams!

It dawned +1 day, may today be blessed by God, and grant us countless opportunities to do good, to love and be happy. Good Morning!

Good Morning. If you believe you are capable of achieving your goals, no obstacles will get in your way!

Nothing can shake the faith of those who believe faithfully in God and His miracles. Good Morning!

Maloka Phrases $2

Short $2 maloka phrases for you to use as the bio of the Instagram, message from whatsapp or to post in status and stories.

May all gossip turn into money in my pocket!

Working is tiring, but it’s so satisfying not to depend on anyone and have your own money!

I will never forget who let go of my hand when I needed it most!

Maintaining posture even when the person I trusted the most falters with me!

My progress will flow because I will invest in faith and not luck!

Today are days of struggle, tomorrow will be days of glory. The world goes around!

Slowly I will conquer things, without stepping foot and without diminishing people!

Winning is the goal, only that matters!

And if I care about the things others say, I’ll never have anything… $2

There’s little money, but happiness is priceless! $

A smile on the face of my crown is worth more than a bar of gold!

We only have the face of fools, we catch the vision of everything.

Beware of glass friends, the fountain has dried, they disappear!

The journey is long, but the victory is certain

Ugly are these clueless kids, who steal their own burglary and think they’re a thief!

Crime finances your dream, then exacts a high price!

I’m blind to indirection, deaf to gossip and mute to unhappy people.

Before you get the wrong view of us, sit down and exchange an idea first.

For vacilão we just wind up, they hang themselves! $2

Envy is a light sleeper, activity in the family walk.

I believe that everything will get better, I’m deserving!

These were the 80 sentences for maloka photo that I separated for you, if you liked it, Share this post on social media and let’s make more people catch maloka’s vision.

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