Men’s haircut: what’s the trend for 2022

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Men’s haircut: what’s the trend for 2020

Is it beauty you want for your hair in this 2020 that is just beginning? So, get ready, because, below, we’ll bring you the trends in men’s haircuts for 2020, explain each of these models and show which men’s style they are suitable for.

With summer in Brazil, it is a time when men usually think about renewing their look, either to redesign their face in the new year, or to face the high temperatures. In the case of men’s haircuts for 2020, the best thing is to find out about the styles that are trending and that can enhance your features and provide the desired result, isn’t it?

Men’s Short Haircuts for 2020

Many choose a short men’s haircut because it is more practical for the day to day and does not take time with excessive care or maintenance. In addition, men who prefer this option also think to save on the financial part, while getting ready more quickly.

But who said that having short hair is synonymous with laziness or lack of style? Check out now the men’s haircuts that are trending in 2020 and be surprised.


It’s the military male haircut redesigned. It works like this: the top is short in length, but you can still manipulate it and throw it to the side, or diagonally. It is the style of the “tidy up”, those who like to be always elegant and who are practical.

short for curly hair

In 2020, these hairs gain new expression, thanks to the side stripes made with a razor. They can gain a bold touch with the application of dye for blonde or platinum.

The texture of the curly yarn, especially the ethnic one, is in charge of the twist or nudred sponge. This instrument serves to give more definition and better shape to curls that are more difficult to define — the case of type 4 ABC yarns. For hair with that touch of style in the curls, you can appeal to faded or shaded sides.

French crop

Very similar to another trend in men’s haircuts, the caesar, but it has a different touch: the top, in its most central area of ​​the forehead — with very little volume of strands, which are thrown forward, either in an asymmetrical fringe, or small fringe, super straight. The sides can be faded, or in an undercut gradient. it’s for traditional men.

buzz cut

Very close to shaved hair, it is a very popular option in summer due to the more intense sweating. The difference with the completely shaved wire lies in the fact that the top is machined type 3 or 4 and has a gradient on the side, up to machine 0. If you want a daring touch, you can make the side stripe in a variety of formats.


Here he is, one of the darlings! The side is shaved, which can be uniformly, in a gradient, or in fade, with a longer top and very loose and natural strands, cultivating some more accentuated volume.

Should be worn slicked forward and preferably textured. It can be more lined or messy, depending on your style, if more “right” or “tuned”.

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