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Male Moda - Men's Fashion Blog: Men's Wavy or Curly Haircuts for 2018

Male Moda – Men’s Fashion Blog: Men’s Wavy or Curly Haircuts for 2018

Speak TIME, are you all right? πŸ™‚ OPA, since I posted the content with the Men’s Haircuts for 2018 you ask me A LOT for this post, segmented, focused, niched hahaha Yes, like every year, right after the Tips in general, I start dividing between the Hair Types and for today I’ll share with you the Trends in Wavy and Curly Male Cuts for 2018. Let’s see NOW what’s hot? What can you adapt and get inspired by? GO o

You Men’s Haircuts for 2018 Wavy and Curly: It’s already routine, every year at Macho Moda, I first put the Men’s Cuts in general, explaining the Styles, showing the Trends, and then exploring and segmenting them in detail, right? Today it’s the turn of the Wavy and Curly, but VERY soon we will also have the Afros Men’s Cuts, for those who have the Curliest Hair, is it? πŸ™‚

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So good to get inspired NOW with the Wavy and Curly Men’s Cuts for 2018? What styles are hot? GO o

01) Wavy or Fallen Curly Fringe
Just like last year, the Fringe continues to stand out for us and also for the male wavy hair (or Curly)! With the lower sides, how about leaving it natural, Curly, Wavy and more drooping? Great option for those who have a bigger forehead and want to balance their face with the Cut. Let’s invest in Fringe TIME? O

02) Short with Volume Contrast
O male short hair There is also a time for 2018, but it appears with an extra detail, the CONTRAST! Yes, bringing this effect to the sides and to the top of the head, it can be done with a machine or scissors, for example: Machine 1 on the sides and Cut in the Scissors on top, Gradient on the sides and Comb 4 on the top of the head, Scissors all over the Hair, but working on this Effect, etc. The Volume Contrast is the boss!!!

03) Men’s Caesar Cut
O caesar It is one of men’s cuts which is being more talked about now for 2018, usually with very low or shaved sides, combed forward, the top has not so long Volume, with straighter bangs, more Linear. And it can be really cool for the Male Wavy Hair also, worth the inspirations below, how about TIME?


04) Wavy or Curly Male Long Hair
As I said in the Men’s Haircuts for 2018 post, the Long hair, footprint The 90s, Shoulder height, even more divided, are very high. and for Wavy and Curly also! Natural Beauty is a trend for next year and this appears for our hair, it’s worth valuing Curls and Waves, right? O

05) High Fade
O Men’s Cut in Gradient Lateral is one of the most pumped in years, right? Right! And it’s one of the most democratic too, as it looks good for any type of hair. And for 2018 the high fade, with the gradient effect reaching almost to the top of the head, it appears very strong, with great freedom at the top, which can be shorter, medium or even longer, it’s up to everyone haha ​​Bora invest in this Fade for the Male Wavy Hair or Curly?

Taking advantage of the hook of Men’s Haircuts for 2018, let’s watch the video I recorded for Canal do Macho Moda for this theme? Just give the PLAY below o

Always good to remember:: It is very important to talk to a good Hairdresser, to see if you can achieve the expected result, if it matches your style, personality, face, if you need to undergo any treatment to get the desired Haircut, etc.

For those who haven’t found a reliable Hairdresser yet, I’ll recommend mine, which I’ve been cutting for over 4 years, is the Dina Morais! She takes care of and cuts my hair, always has great ideas for different styles and has several male clients, including several Subscribers, Readers and Followers of Macho Moda also cut with her. It’s worth consulting and exchanging an idea:
Beauty Center ABC Salon by Dinna Morais (11) 4368-8811.

Eae TIME, what did you think of the Wavy or Curly Men’s Haircuts for 2018? Which one did you like the most? Are you already using any of them?

Leave your opinions here in the comments, for us to change the idea, closed? πŸ™‚

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