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Did you understand that the name” Hautlence “Was the anagram of” Neuch âtel “? The watchmaking home birthed in 2004 in Neuch âtel as you can think of currently is identified in the watchmaking globe for its innovative bold which does not always please everybody, yet whatever, there is something for everybody as well as at MagMontres, we such as the manufacturing facilities that stick out … Today’s conference with Guillaume Tétu, one of the brand’s founders as well as present CEO.

Hello Guillaume Tétu, in 2004 you joined the development of Hautlence, a brand constructed from 0, a “brand-new” name, a distinct vision, can you inform us concerning the initially ten years of the Hautlence brand, the highlights?

We were a couple of buddies operating at Tag Heuer as well as LVMH to reprise the globe in between 2001 as well as 2003, around a great container of white wine, as well as we asked the inquiries of creative thinking in analysis the time, because eventually, in addition to Vianney Halter or Felix Baumgartner from Urwerk, back then there was no brand seeking to introduce around.

From illustration to brainstorm, we recognized that clients were searching for a distinct, various item. With the development of Harry Winston’s Opus or the Goldfeil- kind jobs with the AHCI, there was a brand-new having fun area for us, as well as much more inspiring than to recycle basic qualities from ETA as well as service the style according to the world of the item or sporting activity of its ambassador …

Hautlence brand spirit

Hautlence Manufactory

We took our very own video game as well as intended to produce our imprint in innovative watchmaking, the begin was rather incredible with instant need as well as a very first Basel reasonable on the initially flooring of the Starbucks coffee shop, the one right alongside the room.Baselworld We filled up the order publication for 2 years … it was incredible, yet like any kind of experience there are ups as well as downs, as well as we have actually experienced both.

Now ten years later on, many thanks to the requisition by MELB holding in 2012, an extra thriving perspective is arising.

How would certainly you specify the brand’s vision as well as the spirit of Hautlence watches?

The beginning factor of our worths remains in the name of the brand, we desired, as you explained in the intro, to commemorate the gifted artisans of the Neuch âtel area, that make our watches, it is difficult to make a watch alone, it is synergy that calls for lots of abilities, on the one hand, as well as on the various other hand to produce a brand in 2004, the majority of of the newbies made use of the name of an old watch manufacturer that passed away there 200 years, to acquire a tale, otherwise have actually selected their very own name, genuine or name depending upon whether he is a watch manufacturer or otherwise. In our instance, we desired a detachment in between the creators as well as the brand, in the spirit of the innovative cumulative that we called at the start the university.

As for the item world, I have actually constantly been motivated by great auto mechanics, style, style, these are the locations that I like as well as which permit lots of advancements in modern watchmaking.

The style of Hautlence watches

Our brand worths have actually been connected to items for a great component of the initially ten years, for the straightforward factor that we originally targeted the particular niche of critical enthusiasts.

Today an information of the message is happening, because the combination right into MELB Holding in 2012 we have actually determined to rearrange the brand in terms of rate, even more economical on the one hand as well as with an extremely impactful as well as clear speech on the various other hand. We are likewise introducing the Cross the Line interaction project this loss with our ambassador Eric Cantona, that flawlessly personifies the worthsof the Gentleman Rebels Club with which we recognize.

What is the interpretation of an attractive expect the Hautlence home?

A watch that is various, quickly well-known, as well as unified in its visual selections. We are without a doubt not “me as well” yet actual pacesetters, for instance we were the initially to present the honeycomb in dials in 2007, as well as lots of various other information that can be discovered today with semi-transparencies, sapphire metallization and so on

That claimed, we do not intend to create importable UFOs, functional designs stays an identifying variable for me.

Hautlence MoodDestination watch

As a young watch manufacturer, you can not take motivation for the minute from old developments as well as restore old versions such as specific hundred-year-old brand names, where do your ideas originate from?

Not being myself a watch manufacturer, yet a developer developer, I am searching for leads, with my innovative group comprised of designers as well as watch manufacturers, incorporating standard auto mechanics with the hosting of the see display screen, for principles associating with the ‘display screen. For much more standard items, we service the alleviation of the multilevel dial, taking motivation from modern style making use of glass heaps, noticeable mechanical web links, as well as in a manner the web link in between feature as well as kind, the significance of commercial style.

If you needed to offer to our visitors today 2 or 3 Hautlence watches, which ones would certainly you select as well as why these selections?

I would certainly begin with the renowned HLTi 01 design, it is absolutely the one that ideal embodies the spirit of what we started in 2004 with the historical attaching pole activity connecting the leaping hr as well as the backward min, the multi-level dials as well as disorganized analysis.

Hautlence HLTi 01 watch

Then I would certainly offer the HL 2.1, an innovative activity making up 3 licenses, whose hr display screen leaping by chain drives the managing body organ as well as these gears in a 60 level turning every hr, it is wonderful accuracy auto mechanics at the great watchmaking solution.

Hautlence HL 2.1 watch

Finally, I would certainly speak about the Destination 01, the initial design making use of an outside activity, the double time Soprod 9351, with which we reinterpreted the analysis quantities in our building play ground that I no more decried.

Hautlence Destination01 watch

What is the typical rate or the rate variety of a Hautlence watch?

We begin at 20′ 000CHF for Destination 02 as much as 240′ 000CHF for HL2.1, the typical rate of the collection being 30′ 000CHF.

After a couple of hard years as well as the requisition by MELB Holding, exactly how is the firm doing today as well as what are its passions for the years to find, the major jobs underway?

The firm was taken control of in 2012 as well as we have actually begun the jobs quickly explained over.

Price rearranging, by reassessing specific items such as the HLRS as well as HLRQ, after that by presenting collections with outside activity. The crucial job is to make clear the message, make clear the speech for our clients, as well as welcome them to sign up with the club.

The firm is creating effectively today with a reactivate in South East Asia, debt consolidation in Asia generally, as well as creating markets in Latin America as well asEastern Europe Today we pay as well as maintain a human measurement as well as our feet on the ground.

Eric Cantona, a brand-new face for Hautlence watches as well as personality? Will various other numbers of personality sign up with the rankings of the brand’s ambassadors? Are ambassadors currently vital in the technique of a deluxe watch brand?

Eric Cantona is a conference, an option, as well as we are just beginning the item advancements as well as the partnership around his picture, the results currently gotten are extremely motivating, on the one hand due to the fact that we have a genuine enjoyment to team up on the items, d on the various other hand, due to the fact that its worldwide picture is renowned, in Europe, Asia as well as Latin America, demands from the media are countless many thanks to its arrival.

Eric Cantona joins Hautlence

Working session at Hautlence for Eric Cantona

We have various other concepts to proceed creating the Gentleman Rebels Club, yet done in great time.

Eric Cantona, Hautlence watches ambassador

What are Hautlence’s major metrics? Sales numbers? Annual manufacturing? Number of factors of sale? Main sales locations? And when is it your objectives?

We have actually come a lengthy method with a manufacturing of much less than 100 components for 20 factors of sale, as well as we have actually currently tripled the manufacturing this year, or we discover our quantity as well as turn over of 2008, which was an excellent year, we are counting take care of to create 1000 items within 3 years, for a turn over of greater than CHF 15M.

Our historic markets are Russia (Russian clients acquire anywhere else) as well as South East Asia, where enthusiasts of great watches are countless.

What are you using today?

Today I use destination02, it’s my preferred, it is extremely light with its titanium box as well as the double time is extremely functional due to the fact that I take a trip a whole lot …

Hautlence Destination02 watch

The selection of the day of the MagMontres group amongst the Hautlence see collections is the Destination 01 watch, a polished sophistication that can not leave you detached, if?

Destination 01 watch driving a superb Audi

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