Captions for pregnant photos

Captions for pregnant photos

Captions for pregnant photos

They say my belly is growing… Imagine if you could see how big my love is!

Getting pregnant was the best thing that ever happened in my life… It made my smile wider!

I thought I had already lived the deepest of loves… But then God made me a mother!

It was the most beautiful curve I got in my life, I never get tired of looking in the mirror and admiring every change in my body… Knowing that God is so perfect and wonderful!

My body is no longer mine alone, it’s ours, it’s your home, it’s life that vibrates and I vibrate and shine for your presence in my womb, son!

My best moment… Feeling my son growing inside me!

I know love… And he kicks it!

It just says that love doesn’t fill the belly of someone who has never been pregnant!

I don’t even know you yet, but I already love you so much

The sum of love 1+1= 3

And with every step you take, I’ll be here to guide you…

Even before I met you, you are my reason for living.

Love greater than me…

You understand the meaning of life when it grows inside you

I already love you so much without knowing you…

Love that cannot be measured…

The best gift God gave me

Greatest wealth in the world…

This love that feeds me, that makes me so light.

A pure love! You don’t know how strong you are.

Greatest love in the world!

You are my oxygen is my best moment

Why your existence illuminates my soul, my life…

All the love in the world fits in here

There are things that take us by surprise, and bring a lot of happiness

A love stronger than anything, more stubborn than anything, more lasting than anything, it’s just a mother’s love

What is for me to take care of, what is for me to love

I carry within me the purest love!

God planted a seed inside me that will blossom and fill my days with color, with love

When a baby decides to come into the world, a mother is born with him.

Happiness doesn’t fit in my chest and soon it will be noticed in my belly.

You’re not the story I’m gonna tell, you’re the story I’m gonna live

My child, my jewel, my life, my love!

I’m counting the hours to see you!

Being a mother is letting yourself be touched by the hand of God.

Unconditional love

This moment that is just mine and yours

Positive! Very pregnant…

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