82 photo captions lyrics to describe your posts

Insisting on us is going backwards, but falling back is so good…

82 photo captions lyrics to describe your posts

Who sings scares away his woes! It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like music. After all, there are so many varieties of styles and artists to suit the most different profiles. There is music for every occasion in life, for good times and bad.

So it’s always possible to find that song to describe that experience you’re having. He doubts? Then check out these 82 music snippets to use as captions for your photos on social media. I’m sure you’ll find one ideal for what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Caption for photo lyrics of funk music

You have to respect whoever stays, it’s no use wanting a shovel, if you don’t even have it!

MC Lan Copy

There are people who try, but they don’t have the skills to do it so well!

Jerry Smith Copy

I just want to kiss without feeling for anyone!

MC Kekel Copy In life there may be thousands, but none will be like you

That with me love was real, that made my life happen…

Mc Kekel Copy

Bigodin finin, hair on the ruler, she looked at me, I looked at her.

MC Kevin o Chris Copy

Being single is having quality of life.

. Ludmilla, Simone and Simaria Copy

A toast to us who ran after! Who talked too little and worked too hard.

MC Kapel Copy

Today I just want to party, because I’ve suffered a lot on my walk!

MC Kapel Copy

Caption for rap song lyrics

Remember that mine that was firm,

Gone, left me sad.

Ndee Naldinho Copy Go fight, try your luck, be strong

Only fate here resolves.

sabotage copy They thought I was defeated</p>
<p>Whoever thought was wrong. ” data-src=”” class=” lazyload”/> They thought I was defeated</p>
<p>Whoever found it was wrong.</p>
<p> 509-E Copy I realized the right we have as citizens</p>
<p>Give importance to the situation</p>
<p>Protesting for us to find a solution.</p>
<p> Thaide Copy Overcoming moves me</p>
<p>But the brothers’ apathy disappoints me</p>
<p>We live on democracy that doesn’t work</p>
<p>Imprisoning social condition.</p>
<p> Mv Bill Copy Who usually comes from where I am</p>
<p>Sometimes there’s no reason to follow</p>
<p>So get up and walk, go, get up and walk.</p>
<p> Emicida Copy I’m broke, but I fight honestly</p>
<p>Education and conscience, my trickery</p>
<p>Asking God to light my walk.</p>
<p> Rappin’ Hood Copy</p>
<p> Because whoever sleeps dreams, whoever lives realizes and I raise the level of the unpredictable</p>
<p> Tribe of the Periphery Copy</p>
<h3>Caption for photo lyrics of sertaneja music</h3>
<p> There was only the rest of your kiss on my mouth</p>
<p>You wound up and the heart went to the gallows.</p>
<p> Marília Mendonça Copy Let’s skip</p>
<p>The part where I order that good wine</p>
<p>The cup doesn’t deserve to take your lipstick off</p>
<p>Leave it to me that I have the gift for this.</p>
<p> Felipe Araújo and Ferrugem Copy But I understand you well, I know you’re afraid</p>
<p>To bet on the new and assume our desire.</p>
<p> Maiara & Maraisa Copy Who took it, took it, took it, doesn’t take it anymore</p>
<p>Who kissed, kissed, kissed, don’t kiss anymore</p>
<p>There’s a love of ballads becoming the love of my life</p>
<p>Who knew I would kiss the same mouth every day?</p>
<p> Henrique & Juliano Copy<img alt=

Insisting on us is going backwards, but falling back is so good…

Thaeme and Thiago Copy

It’s your smile that mixes with the natural scent, that’s what makes you special.

Fernando and Sorocaba Copy

I would easily get lost in this piece of bad road that is you.

Israel and Rodolffo Copy Your mouth is worth the price to lose the peace I had!

Your mouth is worth the price to lose the peace I had!

Luan Santana Copy

I regained my single life, I’m back, I dared to be happy now!

Marcos and Belutti Copy

Caption for photo gospel lyrics

So come set fire to me, my heart is Your altar.

Gabriela Rocha Copy

The moment may even fade from memory, but there is a God in heaven who does not despise your story!

Samuel Mariano Copy

Can’t you see that the giant is much smaller than the hand of God?

Anderson Freire Copy

I give my life to you.

Adhemar de Campos Copy My God is the God of the impossible!

My God is the God of the impossible!

Aline Barros Copy

Break me, expand a heart in me, that wants to please you.

Aderson Freire Copy

My strength is in You.

Bruna Carla Copy

Waiting is trusting, I will rest in God.

Daniela Araújo Copy

Caption for photo lyrics 2019

We gain moments and we lose time
It’s the power of now.

east copy Are you ready for the track?  Play yourself in life.

Are you ready for the track? Play yourself in life.

Gloria Groove Copy Hey girl

Calm that heart of yours, breathe

Because there’s a flower on every corner

And your problems will pass in the morning.

Pedro Salomão Copy And she said that nothing is as good as

To be loved by someone who knows what she wants.

Vitão Copy I won’t think about you anymore

In my mind, you’re not going in…

Luan Santana Copy And if I say I’m enjoying this?

I’m taking risk

to fall in love again

And it’s dangerous…

UM44K Copy

Photo Caption Tumblr Lyrics

  Life is beautiful, but only for those who have the courage!

Life is beautiful, but only for those who have the courage!

Orochi Copy

Wonderful, lower it is shot!

Tony Salles Copy What I want?  Quiet!

What I want? Quiet!

Tim Maia Copy

Your opinion no longer matters to me, your concept does not change my view.

Iza Copy

It’s my life; whatever I want to do, I do.

Naiara Azevedo Copy Life is cooler, you and me.

Life is cooler, you and me.

Attitude 67 Copy

I screw up when it comes to messing with your mind.

Maria Copy Today I just want to look into your eyes, turn mine into ours

And never leave you…

Copy Claus

Photo Caption English Lyrics

Give me respect, dammit, or get damaged.

Kendrick Lamar Copy

I’m letting go, so give me one more chance. Save me from this road I’m on.

Carrie Underwood Copy

People look at you and say you changed, as if you worked that hard to stay the same.

Jay Z Copy

You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

Nicki Minaj Copy

Feeling good, living better.

Drake Copy

All that I am, all that I ever was in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see.

Snow Patrol Copy

Wishin’ that I was your bottle… So I could be close to your lips again.

Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels Copy

Nobody said it was easy, no one said it would be this hard.

Coldplay Copy

Caption for photo lyrics 1kilo

My brothers in the fight lighting up every step

And even when I felt lonely, there was someone there.

1kilo Copy I know where I stand, she wants infinity I know

ask me to live what you never lived

Taste of the forbidden, I’m your artifice

And ignites the flame of what never died.

1kilo copy

Let me show you, I can give you the world.

1kilo Copy Cutting each stone along the way

I learned to make the best of what life gives me

I learned to smile sometimes just having reasons to cry.

1kilo copy

Photo caption Hungary lyrics

I know it’s raining enemy

But my mother has the power of prayer.

Hungary Copy Again no limit, no sleep

Such a beautiful heart without an owner.

Hungary Copy Prefer adrenaline, then get out of the rut

Prefer my shack to the pool house.

Hungary Copy Beginning may be end, end may be beginning

Choosing a dream, of course, will come at a price.

Hungary copy

Photo caption reggae lyrics

I review my plans and even my mistakes

All led me to you.

Maneva Copy I don’t bring you flowers, because they dry up and fall to the ground.

I bring you my simple verses, but I made them from the heart.

Chimarruts Copy I want to be happy too, sail in the waters of your sea

Wish for everything that comes white flowers, peace and Iemanjá.

Natiruts Copy I’ll ask you to date,

You will tell me you will think,

But in the end, it will.

Armandinho Copy Every morning

Flowers that we water

an apple band

Another reggae band…

Gilberto Gil Copy

Caption for photo lyrics of gospel music

God of promises, light in darkness.

Soraya Morais Copy Your love makes me so good… It changed me.

Your love makes me so good… It changed me.

Anayle Sullivan Copy

Because the best for me is God who will show.

Gisele Nascimento Copy

Your love found and changed my life.

Isadora Pompeo Copy

There is nothing that can compare to your presence Lord in me.

Erika Pinheiro Copy

Renew my strength, I want to live a new life.

Thaiane Seghetto Copy

I can’t live far from your love, Lord.

David Quinlan Copy

It’s worshiping when God doesn’t respond, it’s worshiping when that pain consumes you.

Paulo Neto Copy

Caption for photo lyrics Projota

I’m glad you came looking for me

If you want to let off steam, feel free

But with all this longing

I won’t even let you talk.

Projota Copy She is an action film with multiple endings

It is policy applied to banal conversations.

If she has a lot of interest, be perceptive

She will never make it clear, so understand signs.

Projota Copy Life is sacrifice, close your eyes and surrender

It’s difficult at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Projota Copiar Cê took me out of boredom, out of life in the doldrums

I understand you, just looking at you, I answer you and I am amazed.

Copy Project

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