7 Men’s Straight Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style!

7 Men's Straight Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style!

7 Men’s Straight Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style!

Straight men’s haircuts can be super versatile and very beautiful, usually straight strands are susceptible to various types of cuts, which opens up the possibility for several changes in style over time.

Among the various possibilities of straight hair that exist, there is no doubt that some cuts are more timeless and never go out of style. If you want to know what these cuts are, keep reading this content as we will show you 7 amazing straight male hair options! πŸ˜€


Men’s Straight Haircuts with Fringe

Without a doubt, bangs are among the main bets when it comes to straight hair. Opting for a more frayed cut helps make the look more casual and natural


Want to modernize it? Stripes make your current look!

Male Straight Haircuts: Medium Layered

The Medium Layered Men’s Cut is ideal for those who have straight hair a little thicker. This type of hair looks great with this cut, bringing a very big personality to your appearance.

They are able to create a graduation in the hair that will inevitably help to better distribute the volume of the strands along the entire length.

An option with longer hair is to make a bun πŸ˜€


Slickback (all played back)

balbo stylish beard

The very traditional straight men’s haircut is all thrown back! Practical, elegant and charming, it will make you stand out wherever you go.

In this cut, the hair length can be very short at the nape and sides with a gradient and the top is longer, to give a nice contrast effect.

This is certainly one of the best cuts for those with straight hair!

scratched beard


Caesar men’s cuts

caesar male haircuts

The Men’s Caesar Cut is inspired by the Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar, being a more retro style and currently somewhat alternative.

The idea here is to leave the sides and back of the neck shaved and keep the hair long in the front direction. The style helps to make the look simple, beautiful and intriguing.

Buzzcut Male Cut

The Buzzcut style leaves the hair practically all shaved, just with the top a little bigger (still in the machine).

However, it is still smaller than the other examples we mentioned here, being ideal for those who want a simpler and more practical look. Woke up, it’s ready! πŸ˜‚


Long Male Haircut

long male cut

The men’s long haircut is one of the most suitable for people with straight hair. All you need to do is let your hair grow and gradually trim it and give it a more modern look.

As it is something unusual among men, it will certainly draw a lot of people’s attention. But long straight hair is beautiful and brings its difference πŸ˜‰

Bowl Cut Men’s Cut

bowl cut men's haircuts

The Bowl Cut is ideal for men with an alternative style, thanks to its rounded shape. Reminiscent of the caesar cut, but even more cool.

If you like this style, don’t think about using this haircut!


Did you like these straight men’s haircuts? Keep viewing our content and find out more!

Modern Short Men’s Haircuts

Press play above πŸ˜€

men’s haircuts 2020

Click on play above!

Men’s cuts with stripes

Check out more risky cuts to boost your look


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