180 photo phrases perfect for your captions

180 photo phrases perfect for your captions

180 photo phrases perfect for your captions

Sharing photos is one of the most common actions performed through social networks. It’s a way to share moments and show your feelings to friends and followers. Adding text and phrases to your captions is a way to add even more value and context to the content being shared.

Check out the creative and inspiring photo phrase options below that will help your posts gain even more likes.

Phrases for profile picture

Make your profile photos even more creative with the following phrases.

  • Just feed your soul with what makes you light.

  • When you believe in yourself, it’s impossible not to blossom.

  • Wherever there is a desire, there is a chance to work!

  • Worry ends when faith begins.

  • Shout kindness with all your heart, that the world will give you back with all gratitude.

  • Giving thanks is the art of attracting good things.

  • What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t transform you.

  • As long as your heart is beating, everything can change.

  • Just feed your soul with what makes you light.

  • The best fall in life is to come to your senses.

  • Life begins when we decide to stop pleasing the audience.

  • Live the story you want to tell.

  • I want peace, tranquility and everything that makes me really good!

  • If even the seasons change, why stay the same?

  • You have to have faith for things to change.

  • Get out of the way or be part of the journey.

  • What doesn’t do me good, I don’t miss it.

  • If love is the answer, what is the question?

  • With how many liters of coffee do we wake up for life?

  • As long as there is a dream to follow, there will be reason to exist.

Phrases for Instagram photos

Check out some phrases that will help your photos in your feed to gain even more likes.

  • Without sacrifice there is no victory.

  • Take the risk. If it works, happiness. If not, wisdom.

  • If you can’t change your destiny, change your attitude. – Amy Tan

  • The best things happen to those who get up and do it!

  • For the good days: smiles. For the bad days: patience. For every day: faith.

  • Be an encourager. The world already has too many critics.

  • Never put the key to your life in someone else’s pocket.

  • Every achievement starts with the decision to try.

  • Everything that is good lasts as long as it takes to be unforgettable. – Fernando Pessoa

  • The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can’t.

  • Nothing leaves our lives without first teaching us what we need to learn.

  • Be the change you want to see in the world.

  • Always fight, win sometimes, never give up!

  • I know I’m not perfect, but the truth is I can’t find my mistakes or flaws!

  • It doesn’t matter what you decided. What matters is that it makes you happy.

  • What you think about me won’t change who I am, but it might change my view of you. – Dr. House

  • Be humble, for even the sun, with all its grandeur, sets to let the moon shine.

  • Be stronger than your best excuse.

  • The best is yet to come. Believe!

  • What you take from life is the life you take.

Smiling photo phrases

In addition to expressing your joy through a smile in your photos, use phrases to make your captions even happier.

  • Smiling is, and always will be, the best medicine. – Chico Anysio

  • Try smiling a lot today, because life always ends up smiling in return.

  • You will never be happy if you don’t allow yourself!

  • Even though there is night in the heart, it is worth smiling so that there are stars in the darkness. – Arnaldo Alvaro Padovani

  • Always struggling to smile more and more.

  • You are the only person responsible for your happiness, smile!

  • My happiness in the eyes is of someone who dreams of love.

  • Decorate your soul with sincere smiles.

  • Your smile is worth more than a diamond. – Charlie Brown Jr.

  • Do and redo what makes you happy.

  • Everything that takes me out of reality enchants me.

  • Whether light! Light your way everyday.

  • Smiling for nothing, just vibrating love and peace. – Natiruts

  • When the energy is good, the universe doesn’t fail.

  • My smile is so happy with you. – Tribalists

  • A smile is the most beautiful silence there is.

  • A smile on your face can change everything, believe me!

  • Light from heaven visited me and made a home in me. – Iza

  • May we keep smiling at all stages of our life!

  • The day has come when my heart is like that… – Ivete Sangalo

Phrases for photo alone

Check phrases to add in the caption of selfies and photos alone.

  • From now on, every day will be the most important! – Urban Legion

  • Whoever falls in love with himself has no rivals. – Benjamin Franklin

  • Put your heart into everything you do and all your plans will work out.

  • This is freedom: to feel what your heart desires, regardless of the opinion of others. – Paulo Coelho

  • The charming habit of smiling for life, I never miss it!

  • I planted love in me so that I could blossom.

  • It is loneliness that inspires poets, creates artists and animates genius. – Henri Lacordaire

  • If the opportunity doesn’t call, build a door and ring the bell yourself.

  • The things we love say a lot about who we are!

  • Living is better than dreaming! – Belchior

  • I looked for strength and soon found it: it is inside me.

  • 4 “never” for your life: never bow your head, never say you can’t, never limit yourself and never stop believing in yourself.

  • Being intense is my essence.

  • Always try to be better than the person you were yesterday.

  • I just waste time with people who make my days wonderful.

  • She has a bird’s soul, she wasn’t born to be trapped even in herself.

  • I’m the best of me!

  • Only through experience and suffering can one strengthen the soul, inspire ambition, and achieve success.

  • Joy is not in things, is in us. – Johann Goethe

  • Time heals everything, but it needs our help too.

Phrases for photo with boyfriend

Show your love with these photo quotes with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • When the right person arrives, there is no wrong time.

  • Before you I was so lonely, now I’m so sunny. – Luara Lent

  • Marital status: completely happy at your side.

  • Because in every piece of me, there will always be a piece of you.

  • I knew falling in love with you would be inevitable. It was like when I heard my favorite song for the first time. I already knew. – John Doederlein

  • When we are together, time stops and everything is magical and full of life.

  • I love you so much, almost as much as I love pizza.

  • The hours, the days, the years and life is only happy if I’m okay with you.

  • Love is in small attitudes. Look, smile, understand and care.

  • Loving is feeling you close, even when you are far away.

  • Besides friends, boyfriends.

  • The life is mine, but the heart is yours. The smile is mine, but the reason is you. Love you!

  • I saw you and I already wanted you. I found myself so happy. – Jorge e Mateus.

  • If it’s to be happy, let it be with you.

  • Your voice is a song that inspires me day after day.

  • Love is a word that means a lot, but not half of what I feel for you.

  • Let’s see which one of us can make the other happier?

  • It’s automatic to think of you and the smile comes out.

  • The best part of my year was you.

  • With you my world is better.

Phrases for photo with children

Children are one of the greatest treasures that can make our lives even richer. Check out the following phrases to honor your children’s love.

  • I don’t remember what I was like before you. – Titans

  • You made my life overflow with happiness!

  • A child may get too big for your lap, but he will never get too big for your heart.

  • You came to change my life!

  • You are the most beautiful thing I have ever done in this life.

  • My heart out of the body!

  • After you I am someone else. A very different person: someone better and much more smiling.

  • With you I learned to be happy the way I wanted!

  • A child strengthens our love of life.

  • The love we give to our children doesn’t diminish by being shared. It multiplies! Each of my little ones has a piece of my heart.

  • I gave you life and you changed mine.

  • My children’s happiness is my own happiness.

  • You were my little big miracle and now you’re my reason for living.

  • The light in your eyes is what guides me.

  • My strength comes from that smile!

  • A mother’s heart is always for her children.

  • My eyes weren’t open before you arrived. If before I saw the world in a way, I now realize how much bigger it is.

  • To love is to live and I live because I love you.

  • I am the luckiest mother in the world to have such a dear and perfect child.

  • If I can live a thousand years, I want them all to be there for you!

Phrases for photo on the beach

Check out phrases to make sunny photo captions even more creative.

  • Life is lighter when you put your feet in the sand.

  • The tan may even go away, but the memories will be eternal.

  • I decided to follow my dreams and ended up on the beach.

  • All that was just a dream, a dream… of a summer night. – William Shakespeare

  • If it is to die, let it be of happiness, drowned in a sea of ​​love.

  • For those who are happy like me, every day is summer!

  • Blue sky and tranquil heart.

  • Just me, you and the sea!

  • A sea end colors the horizons. – Manoel de Barros

  • Today I just want to know how to put my foot on the sand and feel the freshness of the sea.

  • Proving that mermaids exist…

  • For those who really want to see me sink, know that I can swim.

  • We learn to fly like birds and swim like fish, but we don’t learn to live together like brothers. – Martin Luther King

  • May the sea take away all the evil that surrounds me.

  • The best tranquilizer in the world is salt water.

  • Feel the sea, the wind, the sun. Each trajectory must be explored to the full. – Campbell Ronald

  • Sailing is necessary; live is not necessary. – Fernando Pessoa

  • Look at the sea, life cannot be small with such an immensity.

  • Feet in the sand, heat in the heart, I am the color of summer.

  • To recharge your energy, nothing like sun and sea.

Music Phrases for Photos

Check out inspirational song phrases to add in your photo captions.

  • Loving and changing things interests me more! – Belchior

  • It is always necessary to believe that the dream is possible. – Racionais MC’s

  • The more you disappear, the more I miss you. Add that he comes after – Marília Mendonça

  • I’m mine, only mine, and not someone else’s – Legião Urbana

  • What will remain in the photograph are the invisible ties that were there. – Leoni

  • It is foolish to live life like this without adventure. – Lulu Santos

  • What I want? Quiet! – Tim Maia

  • I always have my way, it’s rough, but it’s with affection. Because God made me like this, mistress of me – IZA

  • When I think about someone, I only think about you. – Cassia Eller

  • I leave the sadness and bring the hope in its place. – Cassia Eller

  • Love is the heat that warms the soul – Jota Quest

  • Clap your hands, I deserve it. – Anitta

  • Far from all negativity, the good wave propagates in the air. – Forfun

  • The world ends today and I’ll be dancing – Pitty

  • As long as there are reasons, I will not give up. – Jorge e Mateus

  • When we like it, of course we take care of it. – Caetano Veloso

  • My soul knows that to live is to surrender. – Vanguard

  • Living and being free, knowing how to value the simplest things. – Charlie Brown Jr.

  • See if you let go of the nonsense, I’m here fooling around, wanting to love you. – Jorge e Mateus

  • In the end, it is simple to be happy. It’s hard to be so simple. – The Magic Theater

Phrases for photo with friend

Check out inspirational friendship phrases to add in photo captions with your friends.

  • Our smiles light up like the sun!

  • With you wherever, whenever, whatever.

  • You don’t need to be of the same blood to be sisters!

  • Separated in motherhood, but together for life.

  • Always building moments of happiness!

  • You are a friend at all times. You are the one who showed me what true friendship was. You are the friend who completes me.

  • I don’t need much to be happy, but your friendship I…

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