130 Captions to use in photos with Kids and fill your followers with love!

130 Captions to use in photos with Kids and fill your followers with love!

130 Captions to use in photos with Kids and fill your followers with love!

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130 Captions to use in photos with Kids and fill your followers with love!130 Captions to use in photos with Kids and fill your followers with love!

For the father and the hand, your children are the greatest gifts that they could receive in life, parents are owners of a great love that can reach countless size. Children change the entire life of a man and a woman.

In the relationship between father and mother, having great communication and lots of affection is very important for the child’s development, and it is also crucial to express all love for the little ones.

Do you want to have kids one day? If you already have, did you tell them today how much you love them? With that in mind, we’ve selected for you a great list of subtitles for you post photos with your kids on social media and declare your love for them. Check out the beautiful phrases and share with your friends and family.

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130 captions to use on photos with kids

What a serial of a couple without their kids, isn’t it? see the happy little ones it is one of the best sensations and experience in life for a human being. Be sure to pay tribute to your child, take advantage of the captions to declare your love for him. Enjoy!

Greater than the joy of when I found out I was pregnant, just the love of holding you, my son, for the first time!

My children are the meaning of my life, for they would go to the end of the world.

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I wish my son wings to fly, always with the certainty that he will be welcomed whenever he returns to the nest.

Better than loving one child is loving two!

Of all the blessings God sent me, my children were the greatest.

Children are the angels that God sends us to bless our lives.

My heritage for you is the love capable of making you calm, full, recognizing the world in you.

Never forget that my lap will be yours forever.

It promises that it won’t grow apart, it promises that it will be like this forever. Promise that radiant smile every time you think of me.

My son. My blood. The certainty that I exist. My continuation. Volume 2 of my book. Love pure like water.

I don’t see myself doing anything other than taking care of you! I love you son.

I found out what real love is after my son was born.

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I know that one day you will grow up, but I will always be here to give you advice, help you, support you and especially love you. You can pass as long as you like.

I live for my son and for my son, if he’s good, it’s my credit, if he’s bad, I’m to blame.

My life started working when you arrived.

If wealth were measured in words, I would sum it up in just one: you!

I may not have everything, but I have my son.

Being a father is like having two hearts and understanding that the most important one beats outside our bodies: yours, my son!

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No matter how old you grow, you will always be my little son.

…and remember my son: God didn’t put his son on the cross to make you feel poor. Life is short, kidding.

All your dreams can be fulfilled. So get up from that chair and run after, my son.

I no longer know if the day started or ended, as I became a mother. No, my son was the one who made me a mother.

My son, you will always fit in my arms, no matter if you are 3 months old or 30 years old!

If I can live a thousand years, I want them all to be taken care of!

So you came to change my life, turn my sadness into joy… You are more than I asked God for, you are the best part of me, you are the Light I needed to make my day more beautiful. You are and forever will be my little prince.

My son, the paths are much more open than you think. Only they look crooked. But it is these paths that seem crooked that you have to walk, and things come your way. You just have to listen to the paths and follow them.

You are young, my son, and over the years time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions.

You make me someone more blessed every day.

Seeing you with me, believing that I’ve finally become a mother makes me feel complete. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time and you are the realization of this dream.

It arrived and cheered the whole family. My baby, as I expected you. I dreamed of your little face and today I am happy to have you in my arms.

You grew up so fast that by the time I realized it, you were already here, snuggling into my arms, making me the happiest woman in the world. Mommy loves you!

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The body, my son, is the mirror in which the spirit is reflected.

My son, I have waited so long for this moment. Each beat of her heart increased my anxiety to see her little face, all beautiful, all mine, in my arms.

A child is born to regenerate us and show that even in the midst of difficulties, love exists.

You still have so much to live for, my little one, but know that I will always be by your side, even if one day distance separates us, because we are intertwined in eternity by divine love!

You are my angel. Will guide happiness in me.

Looking at you and following your growth makes me have even more love for life and the wonders that God is able to create. You are my biggest and best gift!

And God brought you to me, to care, protect and care for my whole life, teaching me that love is much more than a word.

True love is what I feel for you, son.

When I think I no longer have the strength to fight, his little eyes give me the support I need to move forward.

The taste of being a mother is as sweet as being a child.

God chose the most beautiful angel and gave it to me: you.

Even if you are very busy, you should always make time to make someone feel important. mothers do it

I couldn’t explain the mixture of sensations I felt when I knew that a being was born inside me. Still inexplicable, looking at you in my arms and knowing that you are the fruit of what is called love. My son, my everything, my world.

When I hold you in my arms it’s like I have the world in my hands.

Since I learned of its existence, I discovered the true meaning of love. Thank you for existing, my son!

If I had designed you and commissioned you, I would have done it exactly like this…

It’s like I’ve waited a lifetime to love you!

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To the world, you’re just a child… To me, you’re the world!

All our thinking, all our care turns to this little being who, so tiny, already provokes such great emotions.

I fell in love with you even before your heart beat.

Being a mother is more than carrying you in my womb for nine months… it’s carrying you in my heart all my life!

The word son should be synonymous with love, as there is no greater feeling in the world than when we feel his presence inside us and when we see his little face at birth!

Arguably, your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

My strength is found when you smile.

God gives us children to test our ability to love others more than ourselves.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

You were born of me, I was reborn of you…

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We must not mold children according to our feelings; we must have and love them as given to us by God.

Parents and children were not made to be friends. They were made to be parents and children.

The love for children is not divided, it is only multiplied!

In principle, there is nothing mothers want more for their children than to see them married, but they never approve of the women they choose.

So God made me a mother and that’s how I met the greatest love of my life!

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and her children sleep deeply in them.

I want to give my kids enough money so they can do what they want, but not enough money so they can do nothing.

Children become for their parents, according to the education they receive, a reward or a punishment.

It is in the education of children that the virtues of parents are revealed.

The truth is that we do not do children. Just do the layout. They do the artwork themselves.

To understand parents it is necessary to have children.

caption photos children

There is so much talk about the need to leave a better planet for our children and the urgency of leaving better children for our planet is forgotten.

Children are the anchors of their lives for mothers.

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You’re barely born and already manage to be the little person I love the most in this whole world, my daughter.

It’s amazing how such a small being leaves us like this, with no words to describe its importance in our lives!

I have a dream. The dream of seeing my children judged on their personality, not the color of their skin.

The greatest treasure we can leave our children is what we are, not what we have.

A child’s smile is the fuel that fuels a mother’s heart.

Maybe one life is not enough for the love I have to give you.

When you were born, the angels sighed in delight, they never thought they would have such a beautiful sight. You took a breath and the world was right again.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it’s been better since you came in and asked: is there a place for me?

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Declare to your children that they are not at the bottom of your life, but at the center of your story.

For my son, I reserve the greatest love of all. It’s for him that I get up every day, sure that I have a mission in life.

A miracle of God that came straight from heaven into my life: you son!!

Son, my story got the best chapter ever after you came into my life. I love you with all my heart!

As tiring as my day has been, arriving home and seeing my son smile makes any tiredness disappear. I am so happy to have a child like you!

My dear son, how happy I am to see the person you are becoming. I’m here to support your every decision, every dream, every challenge. Together we will celebrate a lot and overcome any obstacles.

O Boticário remakes an out-of-line perfume for a mother who lost her child to remember him

A mother’s love for her child is unlike anything else in the world. He obeys no law or piety, he dares all things and remorselessly exterminates everything that gets in his way.

Children, I will always be your biggest fan, ready to be in the front row of all your battles and celebrations.

caption photos children

Mother’s love is the fuel that enables an ordinary human being to do the impossible.

One thing I want to teach my kids is to be sensitive to other people. I want to teach them not to be these macho men out there.

Being your father was the biggest success of my life.

When I saw it, I was a father. The hair was growing, the beard was already covering his face, but none of that mattered: a new and beautiful creature was waiting for me.

Children: the reason my patience has evolved over time.

I gave wings to my children, but the roots remain in the same place, in case they want to land between one flight and another.

Few things in life are as reciprocal as the love between a parent and a child.

Daughter, thank you for the daily pride you give me! You went much further than I could dream. My pride!

caption photos children

To see a child’s success is to feel that he has won in life, even if his life remains the same.

Having children is having partners for life. Form an unbeatable team, sharing, laughing and a lot of unity.

Daughter, the pride I feel for the incredible girl you have become does not fit in my chest. When I think about every detail of your…

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