▷ Top 5 most expensive Pokémon Cards (2020)

Don’t begin excavating via your old retro computer game boxes right now – these Pok émon cards are exceptionally uncommon, that’s why they’re soexpensive But nevertheless do not be reluctant to examine if you have one, you could be shocked.

6. Parent/ Child Kangourex Promotional Card – $ 100,000

This card was granted as a reward throughout a parent-child competition in 1998.

It is just one of the most distinguished cards on the planet, and also hundreds of individuals completed for the right to be called a Pok émon Master.

After the competitors, the card was immediately eliminated, which considerably boosted its worth.

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5Promotional Card No 1 Trainer – $ 100,000

Coach Card # 1 expenses 3 times much less than Card # 2, nonetheless, it is fairly challenging to locate and also listings are uncommon, so the proprietor can bill whatever rate they desire for it.

If somebody wants to pay $ 100,000 for it, after that so be it, nonetheless, it might remain in the marketplace for numerous months and also considerably lower the rate if he recognizes somebody wants to pay. this quantity.

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4. Illustrator Pikachu Card – $ 195,000

The 2nd most expensive Pok émon card on the planet is the Pikachu Illustrator.

There would certainly have been 39 of these magical cards, yet just 6 are thought to be left.

So if you do procure your hands on any one of them after that you are seeking to pay it in for around $ 195,000!

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3. Promotional cardNo 1 Trainer – $ 1,200,000

(*5 *)

Coach Card # 1 is exceptionally uncommon. The proprietor of this marketing card right out of Japan is providing to offer it for $ 1,200,000 (simply that).

The market is frequently altering, specifically in current times with the popularization of the domain name byLogan Paul If you are a millionaire and also happy to place in over a million for an exceptionally uncommon card, you can purchase it on

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2. Promotional cardNo 1 Trainer – $ 2,000,000

First on the checklist is Pikachu’s # 1 Coach Promotional Card.

The Pokemon franchise business held a two-day competition in 1997 to commemorate their success. This is just how the authorities Pok émon card video game competition was birthed.

The Trainers Promo Card # 1 has actually been reprinted several times and also utilized in several competitors, which is why this card isn’t the most expensive Pok émon card on the planet, yet it’s still worth a great number of cash money.

It is consequently the most expensive pokemon card in 2020. For the minute, unless you are dismissed by the number 1 (perhaps in 2021).

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1. Raichu Pre-Release Card – Unknown Value

At the top of our checklist is the Holy Grail of Pok émon Cards – Raichu Pre-Release

The variety of cards in flow birthing the “PRERELEASE” badge is approximated at 8.

Everything else on the map continues to be the like the base variation, with the exception of a stamp that functions as the main differentiator.

This card is so uncommon that it can not be valued, so it is left obscure up until a card is lastly, if ever before, placed on sale! This is in theory the most expensive pokemon card, also if this has actually never ever offered prior to.


What is the most expensive pokemon card on the planet?

The most expensive pokemon card on the planet is the Raichu Pre-Release Card

How much is the most expensive pokemon card well worth?

The most expensive pokemon card on the planet can be located for around $ 1,000,000 yet you’ll need to look

Is there a much more expensive card than the pikachu n1 fitness instructor?

There is a Raichu Pre-Release card which is extra uncommon and also demanded yet has actually never ever been offered so we do not understand its rate

World’s most expensive Pokemon card in video clip

In enhancement to this, you require to understand even more regarding it.


We wish you appreciated our checklist of the 5 most expensive Pok émon cards on the planet. You currently understand which is the rarest pokemon card on the planet and also just how high the worth of a solitary card can go.

This is an additional remarkable instance of just how much antiques can obtainexpensive Who would certainly have assumed that Pok émon cards might end up being so important! But an enthusiasm continues to be an enthusiasm and also we are nobody to evaluate collection agencies.

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