Where can I sell my Disney VHS movies?

Where can I sell my Disney VHS movies?

Where can I sell my Disney VHS movies?

The Best Places To Sell Disney VHS Tapes

  • eBay. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies, or Disney VHS tapes; eBay should be your first stop. …
  • The Facebook Marketplace. …
  • Mercari. …
  • Garage Sales. …
  • Etsy. …
  • Pawn Shops. …
  • OfferUp. …
  • Craigslist.

Meanwhile, Do VHS tapes sell on eBay?

But there are plenty of dusty old VHS tapes that can fetch you decent money on eBay. In some cases, it doesn’t even matter if they’re in rough shape. Here are some tapes that have recently been fetching good prices with regularity on the auction site.

What Disney dvds are worth money?

The most valuable DVDs

DVD Price
Ticks (20 th Anniversary Edition) $58
Clownhouse $50
Walt Disney’s Cinderella: Special Edition $40
Walt Disney’s Aladdin: Platinum Edition $38

What to do with old VHS movies?

Here are some options.

  1. Thrift Stores. Most thrift stores will accept donations of VHS tapes.
  2. Green Disk. Green Disk will recycle your old VHS tapes for you.
  3. Freecycle. Offer your VHS tapes on Freecycle and hope somebody else wants them.
  4. Make Scarecrows.
  5. Knit With the Tape.

How do you tell the date of a VHS tape?

Here’s how to find each one:

  1. Print Date/Time – The date/time that this specific tape was manufactured.
  2. VHS Copyright Year – The year this VHS was released but not necessarily manufactured.
  3. Content Copyright Year – The year the content was first released, possibly decades before the VHS release.


What do you do with old VHS tapes?

Here are some options.

  1. Thrift Stores. Most thrift stores will accept donations of VHS tapes.
  2. Green Disk. Green Disk will recycle your old VHS tapes for you.
  3. Freecycle. Offer your VHS tapes on Freecycle and hope somebody else wants them.
  4. Make Scarecrows.
  5. Knit With the Tape.

How much is original Star Wars VHS worth?

On eBay, Facebook trading posts, and other platforms, collectors are actively buying and selling video cassettes for prices that stretch into the thousands of dollars. Now, an unopened VHS copy of Star Wars: A New Hope is expected to sell for a whopping $60,000.

How much did VHS tapes cost in the 80s?

A first run popular movie on VHS sold for around $80 or 90 in the 1980s. That is $230 in today’s money. The main reason pre-recorded VHS movies were so expensive was because they generally did not get sold directly to consumers. Instead, rental stores bought them and then rented them to consumers.

What is the rarest DVD?

So if you have some spare box sets and DVDs lying around collecting dust, now is the time to trade in!

  • The Killer, Criterion Collection DVD.
  • The History of Beavis and Butt-Head.
  • Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box.
  • The Complete Sartana.
  • Kung Fury.
  • Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Set.

Should I get rid of my Disney DVDs?

Your Disney DVDs could be worth a small fortune – the films selling for thousands on eBay. If you’ve stashed away your Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays you could be cashing in – whether its out of print covers or limited editions.

Are old DVDs worth anything?

How much are used DVDs worth? Most used DVDs sell from $2 to $20, and on average for $5. But box sets and collections will be more expensive. Resale sites offer $0.50 – $2.00 per DVD on average.

Will VHS make a comeback?

The last film released on VHS was back in 2006, so more than ten years later it’s not very likely they will be put back into production. The only places you’re likely to see VHS for sale is charity shops and car boot sales, and as time goes by it’s likely that this will eventually come to an end, too.

Where can I sell my old video?

Here are some places you can try flogging those old VHS tapes:

  • eBay. eBay is the king when it comes to selling unwanted items that you don’t think have a re-sale value.
  • Amazon. If your tapes aren’t going to be worth that much from nostalgia alone, Amazon could work for you instead.
  • Car Boot Sales.
  • VHS Facebook Groups.

Is there a use for old VHS tapes?

Yes, VHS tapes are recyclable. You can recycle them with specialist VHS tape recycling services like GreenCitizen, though there will normally be a fee. You could also choose to send them to a waste-to-energy incineration recycling plant where they will be burned to produce green energy.

What was the first Disney movie released on VHS?

Sleeping Beauty was the first title to be released in VHS Hi-Fi and in stereo sound. It was released at $29.95. The film became the centerpiece for Disney’s $6 million promotional campaign, “Bring Disney Home For Good” which featured all the six animated Classics.

What is Disney Masterpiece Collection?

The Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (Walt Disney Coleccion Maestra in Spanish and Collection Chefs-d’ล“uvre de Walt Disney in French-Canadian) was a line of VHS tapes and Laserdiscs released by Walt Disney Home Video from 1994 to 1999.

What is beauty and the beast Black Diamond?

“The versions of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that are listed for $5K and up are those that are part of the rare ‘Black Diamond Collection.’ This collection features 18 animated features from 1988 to about 1993 that were first released for VHS.

Can you sell VHS tapes online?

VHS tapes are great for selling online because they are very easy to store and they are not as heavy as books for the same space. I am fairly certain that if you want anything near market value for VHS tapes, you absolutely must sell them online.

Where can I donate VHS movies near me?

Drop off old VHS tapes to a Goodwill, Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop. Donating unwanted items like these tapes extends their lifespans.

Which Star Wars VHS is original?

The very first home video release of any Star Wars film came in May 1982 when 20th Century Fox Video released Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope on VHS, Betamax, LaserDisc, CED VideoDisc, and V2000 tape cassettes.

What do the letters VHS stand for?

VHS (Video Home System) is a widely-adopted videocassette recording ( VCR ) technology that was developed by Japan Victor Company (JVC) and put on the market in 1976. It uses magnetic tape 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) in width.

How much is the Star Wars movies worth?

In 2020, its total value was estimated at US$70 billion, and it is currently the fifth-highest-grossing media franchise of all time. Lucasfilm Ltd.

What was the first movie released on VHS?


The South Korean drama, The Young Teacher, was the first film to be released for home VHS consumption. Considering the first VCRs were released in 1976, it makes perfect sense that the first movies would also accompany it in the same year.

How much did a VCR cost in 1976?

The system was called Vidstar. The VCR would cost $1,280. That’s about $4,600 in inflation-adjusted dollars. Blank tapes were priced at $20 ($72 these days).

How much was a VCR in 1985?

Affordability: When VCRs were introduced in 1975, the average machine cost between $1,000 and $1,400. By 1985, you could buy a much better VCR for $200 to $400 with a remote control, freeze frame, search, and other nifty features.

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