from Singapore to Mexico City

This motif is therefore repeated on the copper-coloured dome of this UR-100V Time and Culture I. The cutter used for the engraving has a tip with a fineness of 0.05 mm! The work carried out must therefore be admired under a magnifying glass to appreciate all its precision… The crest lines of the pattern are satin-brushed, while the hollows are micro-sandblasted to obtain a velvety finish, in order to highlight the volumes and make honor to this priceless heritage.

The universal scope of this new Urwerk (automatic caliber, 4Hz, 48h power reserve) is further reinforced when we know that the source of inspiration for this timepiece comes from Singapore. It was Su Jia Xian, better known by the acronym SJX, who whispered this idea in the ear of Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei more than a year ago.

What if you added an extra dimension to this UR-100V? A different anchor. It’s a universal piece, make it travel! By covering part of the dial ā€“ as was the case on the first edition of the UR-103 ā€“ you will make it really special “.

And this is how the UR-100V Time and Culture I found its roots in Central America. It has a steel case that is water resistant to 30 meters.

And Felix Baumgartner, co-founder of Urwerk to add ” This piece has several reading keys. It has an obvious universal scope: it has an Aztec inspiration, it was made in Switzerland, according to an idea coming straight from Singapore, will be found in the windows of a retailer whose nationality we do not yet know and will please to an equally unknown watch enthusiast. But it also hides some secrets. We have sprinkled our work with hidden references. The informed eye will be able to distinguish a signature, an acronym, a Maya numbering to decipher… A real treasure hunt. Ā»

New information is added to the hours and minutes display. Indeed, the minute hand, once past the 60th minute mark, disappears to reappear like an odometer. It illustrates the 524.89 kilometers traveled every 20 minutes by any being located in Mexico.

It is indeed, on average the speed of rotation of the Earth calculated at the level of Mexico City. At its exact opposite, another datum is displayed, the revolution of the Earth around the sun, or 35,742 kilometers per 20 minutes. On the face of the UR-100V, hours and kilometers thus share the same status, the same scale of value.

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