▷ The Nike Mag: back to the future (2022)

The most expensive Nike in the world

The nike mag was designed specifically for the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’. A film that enjoyed unprecedented success. In the film, the pair of Nike is worn by the heroine Marty Mcfly when the latter finds himself propelled in 2015 by the time machine by his sidekick the mad scientist.

The 2015 setting in the film is a far cry from reality. 3D movie posters, overboards that fly and have the ability to surf on water adorn the decor.

The pair is staged when the main character dresses in the accoutrements of the “future” including an extravagant outfit adorned with this very special pair of sneakers.

Indeed, its aesthetic is something to catch the eye. It is equipped with automatic and immediate lacing as well as LEDs on the tongue and soles. Even nowadays, such a pair does not exist on the market except in limited and very expensive editions.

Millions generated for the Nike Mag

Created in 1989 by designer Tinker Hatfield for Hollywood studios, aroused the envy of thousands of people who expressed their wish to acquire the extremely rare pair.

A petition has been launched to request the marketing of this one. Following a consequent request, the American multinational Nike in 2011 produced 150 replicas but whose laces did not close automatically.

They were put on the market via the Ebay sales platform and generated the incredible sum of 10 million dollars in ten days.

It was only 5 years later, in 2016, that Nike decided to release a limited edition of 89 pairs of shoes called “Nike Air Mag Back to the Future BTTF”.

The pair wasn’t much different from the 2011 edition except for the auto-lacing feature. This limited edition was not released for sale on the market.

Instead, a lottery was set up with the price of the ticket at 10 dollars. This lottery was used for a good cause. In fact, 100% of the profits generated were donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation and will be used to finance essential research in order to accelerate the development of a treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

But it was in 2018 that the original pair, which appears in the film, was auctioned for $92,206. She was in a pitiful state.

In 2019, Nike released a much more affordable derivative of the pair, selling for $350. This pair contains the automatic lace option.

The pair named “Wolf Gray” strongly resembles the pair that Mcfly wears in the film. Holders of this pair have the option of lacing them using their smartphone.

The nike mag edition 2011 is on sale on stock X at a price of 24,415 euros.

The nike mag edition 2016 is on sale on stock X at a price of 70,006 euros.

The comma brand only increases its heritage and is the main regulator of the rarest and most expensive pairs of sneakers in the world.

How much does the Nike Mag 2011 cost?

The Nike Mag 2011 edition costs 24,415 euros on stockx.

How much does the Nike Mag 2016 cost?

The Nike Mag 2016 edition costs 70,006 euros on stockx.

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