Nomos Autobahn: on the road

An arrangement which pays homage to the automobile (with reference to the counters or to the markings on the ground on the highways) and which allows the dial to be illuminated in the dark in a completely original way!

The Autobahn A3 model refers to this holiday highway. The designer has a complicated love relationship with this road with endless traffic jams that connects Holland to Austria via the city of Passau.

Even when the Berlin Wall still existed, the A9 motorway was for Werner Aisslinger the fastest north-east-south-east connection in Germany. Black and gray like the road at night, the model therefore bears his name. A route that the designer still frequently takes from Berlin to Italy.
Finally, the A7, the longest German motorway, connects the north and the south of the country. Designer Werner Aisslinger loves it because he often uses it to return home to the Allgäu.

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