a “diver” design for a “health” watch

Thanks to its integrated PPG sensor, this connected watch monitors heart rate, which allows it to alert the user of a potential cardiac event (rate too high or too low). It thus acts as a proactive health sensor.

It also monitors the level of oxygen saturation in the blood via its built-in SpO2 sensor. Can be carried out on request, this measurement makes it possible to reveal respiratory disorders in order to better detect certain chronic respiratory diseases, but also, and this is essential nowadays, the Covid-19.

In addition, this watch provides detailed sleep monitoring including duration, depth and quality (which is also found in other cheaper devices), heart rate tracking and can wake users with vibration. gentle at the best time of their sleep cycle.

It also makes it possible to detect respiratory disturbances thanks to an exclusive algorithm based on an analysis of the level of oxygen in the blood, the heart rate, movements and the respiratory rate, collected by the accelerometer of the watch and its sensor. optical.

Note that the ECG, the measurement of SP02 and the detection of atrial fibrillation by PPG are features that benefit from the CE Medical certification. These certifications were obtained following three clinical studies conducted with the Georges Pompidou Hospital, the Northern Heart Center and the Hipoxia Lab at the University of California at San Francisco.

The ScanWatch Horizon is worn on a brushed steel strap that adapts to all wrists. Equipped with quick couplers, it can be easily changed. The more athletic can opt for the fluoroelastomer (FKM) strap. The tools necessary to adjust the size of the bracelet are provided in its box.

The ScanWatch Horizon is available at a price of 499.95 euros in partner jewelry stores: Lepage Joailler horloger (, on, Amazon, Fnac / Darty, Boulanger.

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