▷ “The Birch”: Helix launches its new Birch Luxe Natural mattress (2021)

The Birch Luxe Natural mattress looks very comfortable and is already on sale with € 400 off.

The famous Helix bedding brand has launched a new mattress handcrafted with certified organic materials and designed to stay cool while sleeping. The mattress Birch Luxury Natural (from € 1,849) is available for purchase now. Not only can you save € 400 on this luxury natural bed, but you will also receive two pillows Eco-Rest free (worth 150 €) with your purchase, transforming the way you sleep in one fell swoop.

Birch Living is considered one of the best mattress brands for people who want to sleep in a natural, non-toxic bed, and the new Luxe Natural is as good as the mattress Birch original (from € 1,299 with a discount of € 400).

This newcomer to the bedding market, uses a large number of materials from eco-responsible sources, sustainable products and certified organic.

Birch Luxe Natural mattress: price and specificity

The Luxe mattress Natural high end is much more luxurious than the mattress Birch Natural, cheaper, and looks set to reach new heights in terms of sleep quality and comfort. Here are its main technical characteristics:

Release date : available for purchase now
Sizes: double to King size
Height : 29.20 cm
Guarantee: 25 years
Materials : natural latex, organic cotton, organic cashmere, organic wool

the Birch by Helix is ​​priced higher than similar natural mattresses from brands such as Saatva and Awara, but considering the premium materials used here, the wide range of certifications obtained, and the fact that this is a handcrafted mattress, we would have expected it to cost a lot more Dear. If you are interested in the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress, visit the “Birch by Helix” website.

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