▷ The 5 most expensive rums in the world (2022)

Sandy beaches, Caribbean rhythms and a light breeze. We’re all aware that rum gives off a tropical vibe that instantly transports you to the dance floor. And don’t pretend you don’t like Latin music; we know that is not true.

Rum lovers are unanimous: rum, with its rich and silky texture on the palate, its smooth flavor and its distinctive taste, is one of the best alcoholic beverages ever created. And true rum connoisseurs won’t trade their beloved rum flavor for the finest single malts.

The story of a drink is often the most fascinating aspect of it. Not only can you enjoy a scrumptious drink, but you can also travel back in time and experience the way of life of an era. It’s a sensory journey that food connoisseurs, for example, can’t replicate. Gourmets will never eat fruit harvested during the American Revolution or cheese made during the Napoleonic Wars.

The past of rum is not simple or pleasant, but it is an integral part of world history. Rum is the first refined and produced alcohol. It is also the first alcohol that was drunk for pleasure and not for medical reasons.

Without rum, we don’t know how New England would have developed and what would have been its main trading tool to launch its prosperity in the New World.

That said, there is rum and rum, which means some bottles can be more expensive and more premium than others. So, what are the 5 most expensive rums in the world? Let’s find out, shall we?

J.Wray & Nephew

Price: $54,000 a bottle

John Wray opened the Shakespeare Tavern in the colonial capital of Kingston, Jamaica in 1825. His nephew joined the business in 1860, and it flourished to become one of the most successful businesses in the colony. This J. Wray & Nephew was distilled 70 years or more before it was bottled – nearly 80 years ago.

There are only four bottles left of this extraordinary rum which is the most expensive rum in the world.

Angostura’s Legacy

Price: $25,000 a bottle

Legacy by Angostura is a blend of seven of the most esteemed rums on the planet. Each rum has been aged for no less than 17 years and selected from a collection of 80,000 barrels.

The product features a unique blend of flavors including fallen tropical fruit, clove, vanilla, honey and oak, and aftertastes including nuts and dried fruits.

British jeweler and crown purveyor Asprey crafted the crystal decanter that serves as the bottle for this rum. Each carafe has a sterling silver stopper.

When the rum is shipped, it is placed in a handmade wooden box, with a velvet interior and a leather exterior. The ingredients, age, flavor and details of this rum make it one of the most expensive on the market.

Barbados Private Estate 1780

Price: $12,700 a bottle

In 1780 the servants of Edward Lascelles, a customs officer and slave trader who became the first Earl of Harewood, distilled rum which they sent in barrels to the Earl’s estate in England.

The count’s servants put the rum in bottles and stored them in the basement, where they remained undiscovered for 230 years.

The mouth-blown glass bottles had been covered in cobwebs and mold for over two hundred years, but they were washed and sanitized to be auctioned off at Christie’s.

The 12-bottle lot fetched the equivalent of $1,000. The 12-bottle lot fetched the equivalent of $180,000.

The Earl’s descendant, the eighth Earl of Harewood, donated the auction proceeds to a charity in Barbados as reparations for slavery.

50-year-old Appleton Estate

Price: $6,650 a bottle

Appleton Estate debuted in 2012 to honor the fiftieth anniversary of Jamaica’s independence. The planning of this rum began even before independence, with the selection of oak barrels in which it was aged for half a century.

Despite over half a century of ageing, this carefully blended rum exhibits very little sticky tannin and a broad spectrum of flavors and aromas. Only 800 bottles were produced.

Original Royal Naval Rum Tot

Price: $2,900 a bottle

From 1670 to 1970, sailors in Britain’s Royal Navy received a daily ration of rum. Rum served to sailors was also served at royal functions, including royal weddings.

When the tradition finally ended 50 years ago, the Royal Navy made 1,000 bottles of its Rum Tot available to the general public at auction. The Royal Navy’s latest rum has huge sentimental value, but it’s also of exceptional quality.

As the rum consumed by British sailors was stored in casks stored in a cool climate, Royal Navy rum absorbed only the sweetest notes of the wood in the cask.

It is overproof, 108 proof, or 54 percent alcohol. The nose is rich in aromas of oak and blackberry, and the taste includes notes of coffee, dark chocolate and tobacco.


🏴‍☠️ What is the most expensive rum in the world?

It is a J. Wray & Nephew bottle worth $54,000 a bottle.

🏴‍☠️ What is the oldest rum on this list?

The private Domaine de la Barbade offers a 230-year-old rum.


You now know the list of the most expensive rums in the world, do not hesitate to leave a comment and share this article. You can also check out the most expensive champagnes in the world.

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