β–· In which cases should you contact customer service for your clothing brand? (2021)

To fully meet the requirements of buyers and support them in their purchasing experience, customer service is essential to put at their disposal. Ideally available over the phone to ensure direct contact with an interlocutor, it reassures the customer and nurtures relations with the latter. But in what situations should you contact customer service in practice?

Request a product return

It often happens that during a purchase, the item corresponds on paper to what the customer is looking for, but that once the order has been received, the latter has certain defects. This can be a size problem, an error on the model, different characteristics depending on the reference among others. In such a situation, contacting your brand directly allows the problem to be quickly remedied to cancel the order and return the affected product.

Demand a refund

When the item ordered online does not correspond to the one received in the package, the only solution to remedy the damage is to obtain a refund. Obviously, each brand of clothing has, in its general conditions of sale, specific clauses to be able to claim a refund. Whether the customer is affected by these criteria or not, contacting a customer service advisor will allow them to be informed. Likewise, assistance may be provided to him in order to proceed with a complaint in due form.

To be able to modify an order

It is not uncommon that by placing an order online, the customer validates his basket before realizing that items have been slipped in by mistake. To make changes or to cancel an order already registered, having an intermediary directly online is more reassuring. Indeed, having someone on the phone allows you to build a relationship of trust and not give the customer the feeling of being on their own.

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