▷ Gigi Hadid parades for Ukraine (2022)

Gigi Hadid commits

The 26-year-old successful model has captured the attention of the public throughout her young career. Elected model of the year in 2016 by the British Fashion Council and muse of several brands including Guess and Versace. Recently become the mother of a young girl whose father is none other than the famous singer of English variety Zayn malik (former member of the boy band one direction). From her real name Jelena Hadid, the star divided the opinion of Internet users a few days ago. Originally from Palestine, the young woman would like to parade for a cause close to her heart and not just for her modeling work.

Indeed, although the major wave of covid has calmed down, a new international drama has exploded. Three weeks ago, Russia, which coveted the Ukrainian peninsula, Crimea, officially declared war on Ukraine by invading its territory. An important statement in which the EU has joined together with several large companies and organizations. Some social networks have banned use in Russia.

Several public figures have spoken out on this subject and are trying to raise as much money as possible to help the country in distress. This is the case of Gigi Hadid who spoke a few days ago on this subject. She would like to donate her salary from fashion week (which is currently taking place in Paris) to Ukraine and Palestine.

The model specifies that she and her colleagues are subject to specific contacts and schedules which are impossible to modify. So they had no choice but to march, but that doesn’t prevent them from marching “for something”. Being aware that fashion week is not the main concern of Europe at the moment.

Gigi hadid attracts the wrath of Internet users

However, she has been criticized for comparing the situation in Palestine, the tensions in Jerusalem, to that of Ukraine, which is currently undergoing an invasion by Russia. The star posted on social media: “At the end of the day, it is innocent lives that pay for war – not rulers. DO NOT TOUCH UKRAINE. DO NOT TOUCH PALESTINE. PEACE. PEACE. PEACE.”

This message was perceived as a comparison of Israel to Russia. Many believe that the situation in Palestine and Ukraine is anything but comparable. Vogue magazine, which reposted Gigi Hadid’s Instagram post, has drawn the wrath of internet users by accusing the magazine of supporting misconceptions.

Even if the star had not published this with a bad intention, but on the contrary with a view to peace and revolt, the news did not arouse only good reactions. For or against this declaration, let’s hope that the situation is resolved and that the help of the young model will contribute to the improvement of the situation whether in Palestine or in Ukraine.

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