Women’s Store Name → How to choose? In English, French, Virtual

Women's Store Names

Women’s Store Name → How to choose? In English, French, Virtual

Many people decide to open their own business, mainly in the fashion, footwear and beauty products sector, as these are areas that have a high demand for products. Once you’ve learned how to set up a clothing store, or whatever type of product you’re going to sell, you’ll need to choose one. Women’s Store Name that represents the store’s identity and also the message you want to convey to your customers, in the case of stores aimed at women.

Women's Store NamesWomen’s Store Names

How to choose?

To choose, you need to think about what you want to pass on to customers, and if you are opening a store on the internet, it is also important to check the names for virtual stores. There is no ideal way to choose the best name for your business, but you should like the name, after all it will be the name of your place of work, and you should also consider:

  • Who will be the store’s audience: a store for a more relaxed audience, for example, requires a funnier and more creative name.
  • what is the meaning of the name: If you choose names in another language, always find out what they mean first.
  • Accept suggestions and opinions: choose the names that you like the most and ask the opinion of people closest to you, to see what they think about.
  • Avoid using puns and celebrity names: this can cause discomfort and problems later.
  • See if other stores already have the chosen name: so it is possible to avoid future problems.

With that in mind, to inspire those who still have no idea how to choose a name, we’ve set aside some name ideas so you can get inspired.

List of names for women’s stores in English

If you want to bet on names for clothing stores in English, you can opt for:

  • beautiful (which means: Beautiful);
  • fashion star (which means: Fashion Star);
  • pink chic (which means: Pink Chic);
  • woman village (which means: Women’s Village);
  • Fashion Village (which means: Vila da Moda);
  • luxurious woman (which means: Luxury Woman);
  • Fashion Fancy (which means: Fashion Chic);
  • silhouette (which means: Silhouette);
  • Gloss Village (Vila do Brilho);
  • woman store (which means: Women’s Store);
  • lady fashion (which means: Lady of Fashion).

List of names for French women’s stores

If you want to opt for creative company names then names in french should be a good choice, some suggestions are:

  • La Mode (which means: The Fashion);
  • L’Amor (which means: Love);
  • three chic (which means: Very Chic);
  • Mon Amour Boutique (which means: My Love Boutique);
  • madamoiselle (which means: Miss);
  • Ç’est la Vie Boutique (which means: Boutique This is Life);
  • Haute Fashion (which means: High Fashion);
  • Fashion Atelier (which means: Fashion Studio);
  • jaime la mode (which means: I love fashion)

List of chic names for women’s stores

If you’re looking for fancy name options, some options are:

  • Glam;
  • Florence;
  • Micaela Fashion;
  • Aquamarine Boutique;
  • Fashion Agate;
  • Amalia;
  • Anabella;
  • Alexandrite;
  • Athenea;
  • Spinel Fashion;
  • Cora Boutique.

List of creative and different names for women’s stores

If you are looking for creative and different names, some options are:

  • Night’s Lady;
  • Fashion curatorship;
  • La Belezura;
  • Beautiful Beauty;
  • Uh Lalá;
  • Fashionista Center.

List of names for online women’s stores

If your women’s store is online, some name options are:

  • Fashion Click;
  • Online Fashion;
  • Diamond Boutique;
  • with;
  • Divas and Queens;
  • Liz Flower.

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