Women’s Clothing Stores

representative image zattini store

Women’s Clothing Stores – Top 10

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That the world has changed, no one doubts that, and with it the whole fashion market, which has been undergoing drastic transformations in terms of selling, buying and consuming, and with people becoming more and more demanding.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t change, women’s unconditional love for clothes.

And the pandemic itself served to show this, because despite the imposition of social isolation, women did not stop buying clothes, of course, online, consolidating e-commerce worldwide.

That’s why we decided to prepare a list with the top 10 women’s clothing stores, in fact, are stores that have boomed in recent years. Check out!

1- Zattini

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representative image zattini store

Needless to say, it is already a traditional online store in the fashion segment, belonging to the giant Netshoes group.

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You can find more than 28 thousand products and 280 brands, from Cavalera to Colcci, in short, of all types and prices, including shoes, clothes and accessories.

2- C&A

representative image C&a store

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With over 170 years of history, C&A is present in more than 24 countries on different continents, such as Europe, Latin America and Asia.

One of the advantages of C&A is that you can have free shipping on any purchase, as long as you choose to pick up your product at one of its physical units, mention the facilities it offers, such as payment methods, or even , a C&A coupon.

On the other hand, if you want to receive the products at home, the site offers free shipping on purchases from a certain value, usually around R$ 120 to R$ 170.

3- Posthaus

Created in 2007, Posthaus is a Brazilian store, which operates online in the fashion segment, offering more than 15 thousand items within the categories of Women’s Fashion, Plus Size, Lingerie, Children’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Footwear and Accessories.

At Posthaus you can find the main national and international brands and delivery throughout Brazil, with free shipping on purchases over R$ 199.99 and an express delivery option within 5 business days.

4- Shopee

Shopee website

Controlled by the Sea group, from Singapore, Shopee managed to conquer, in just two years, the public in Brazil, in fact, according to Reuters, it was the most downloaded e-commerce app around here.

Shopee fits into the group of stores mentioned above that grew as a result of the pandemic, caused by the new coronavirus, which made sales soar by 44% in 2020. It was in this time that the company managed to grow in Brazil and face the market leaders e-commerce segment, such as Magalu and Mercado Livre.

5- Farm

banner store farm

And that list could not be missing from Farm, a store from Rio de Janeiro that is successful in Brazil and around the world, mainly because of its prints that are typical of our country.

Farm products have free shipping for the entire country, for purchases over R$ 150.

  1. 6. Shop2gether

The Shop2gether virtual store brings together products from the best-known brands to exclusive creations by stylists, and the cool thing is that, as in a real mall, you enter stores and walk through different windows, bringing the feeling that you are really in the store.

You might like it too!

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The products are delivered throughout Brazil and shipping is free for purchases over R$400.00.

On the website, it is also possible to access a magazine with trends, news about the fashion world and suggestions for looks with products found in the store and indicated by the Shop2gether editorial team together with big names in fashion such as Costanza Pascolato and Lala Rudge .

7- Amaro

store banner amaro

Amaro is a type one online clothing store fast fashion, which offers the latest trends at incredible prices and great taste, therefore, it is very successful among the female audience.

The store has super beautiful clothes, modern, in short, filled with elegant and beautiful trends. In addition, there is always news, launching monthly collections throughout each season, always offering news for its customers.

8- Dafitti

dafiti store banner

Dafiti offers no less than a thousand brands and 400 thousand products, divided into six categories: clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, bed/table/bath and decoration. In short, the most varied types of products, serving the female, male and children audiences.

Without a doubt, Dafiti could not be missing from this list, as it is one of the best online clothing stores.

Dafiti also offers the free shipping option for purchases over R$99.90 in the South and Southeast regions, over R$149.90 in the Midwest and Northeast regions, and over R$199.90 in the North region.

What’s more, Dafiti also has a virtual magazine, with fashion editorials and style tips.

9- Renner

Banner Renner

THE Lojas Renner is a chain of Brazilian department stores, already traditional, with units all over the country, and it is considered one of the best stores to buy clothes without having to leave your home.

Offering free delivery throughout the country, Renner is the ideal place for those who want to put together a complete look, as it also sells shoes and other accessories, such as bags and jewelry, in fact, even perfumes and makeup can be purchased at Renner.

10- Marisa

Marisa website banner

With its 70-year history, Marisa could not be left out of this list, as it is the largest women’s fashion and lingerie chain, and one of the largest men’s and children’s clothing chains in Brazil.

Undoubtedly, it is a more traditional store, aimed at a more conventional public, and, moreover, it offers quality at super affordable prices, which perhaps explains why its public is so loyal.

It’s very difficult for someone to leave the store with empty hands, and that’s because of the payment facilities it offers to consumers.

And along the same lines, your website, with many accesses and daily purchases.

How to save by shopping at online clothing stores?

Okay, now that you’ve seen our list, it’s worth knowing that you can save money when you buy your clothes online, you know how?

Betting on discount coupons, for example, or leaving them to buy at the end of each season, which is when stores usually do their promotions and end up burning what was left of the collections, for very low prices.

What’s more, just buy on secure sites, check your reputation first, if you want to buy, for example, if you don’t. shopee is trustworthy (and you already know it is)… and that’s it, then just take the opportunity to buy with all the convenience and practicality that e-commerce offers.

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