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Women’s Clothing Manufacturer – Stratosphere

Women’s Clothing Manufacturer: Wholesale, Prompt Delivery

Stratosfera develops a mix of products, such as shirts, pants and dresses, among other items. However, the brand’s main highlight is its line of bodies, which range from sophisticated to casual, produced in high-durability technological fabrics, which offer a perfect fit and are super comfortable. They can be used in the most diverse situations, whether at work, at the gym or at clubs.

More than one women’s clothing manufacturer, Stratosfera is a production of its own brand that stands out for its care and dedication to the modeling and finishing of its pieces. In partnership with large national weaving industries (SantaConstancia, Rosset, Marles and Dalutex), we create around 90% of our prints, coordinated with special color palettes. They are timeless prints that bring the best of each season.

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