Women’s clothing for office work

Women's Clothes for Work: Model wearing a basic crepe blouse with orange pleats.

Women’s clothing for office work

Gone are the days when modeling women’s office clothing was monotonous, even dull and styleless. Today it is possible to assemble looks with personality to go into the corporate environment, be it more classic and traditional or cool and fun.

Women's Clothes for Work: Model wearing a basic crepe blouse with orange pleats. Basic crepe blouse with pleats SEE PRODUCT

Often, all you need is to see with new eyes the items you already buy and even those that you already have in your wardrobe.

Some everyday parts can be incorporated into production to work smoothly. A touch of color or a different accessory can also be part of the composition of women’s work clothes.

Do you want to know some tips and cool pieces to add to professional looks? So check it out below!

Women’s clothing for work: how to modernize the look?

Incorporating some trendy pieces into the office’s look will make the production more fashionable and modern. We have separated some suggestions:

1. Different modeling for the pants

Modernize production with trousers that deviate from the corporate standard. For example, high-waisted pants elongate the silhouette and are elegant, while pantacourt pants and women’s pantaloons update the look. There are still options for flare pants and pantaloons.

Women's clothes for work: model with tailored ribbed pants showing her back. Trousers in ribbed tailoring SEE PRODUCT

2. A splash of color

If your goal is to maintain the seriousness of your outfit, know that you can invest in colors anyway. The tip is that they are in more opaque, sober tones.

The print, depending on your work environment, can also be more contained. It can come in shoes, accessories or clothing details.

Women's clothes for work: model with a blazer in blue tailoring.
Blazer in blue tailoring SEE PRODUCT

Choose pieces that have a more structured fabric and a longer length. Midi dresses are perfect in these cases! Look for pieces made from light, soft fabrics such as linen and cotton.

4. Skirts can also

Skirts cannot be left out of this list either, especially on hot days. The more fashionable versions, with discreet slits and asymmetry, can be part of office productions. Midi length skirts are also stylish and trendy, perfect for the professional environment as well.

Women's clothes for work: model with an off white tricot midi skirt.
Midi knit skirt SEE PRODUCT

How to Choose Women’s Social Clothes to Work

When choosing your look for going to the office, opt for pieces that are comfortable, as you will spend a good part of the day in these clothes. Loose blouses and pants that aren’t too tight are examples of women’s work clothes that bring comfort.

Women's clothes for work: model with tailored beige twill pants.
Tailored twill pants

An important component that must be taken into account when acquiring your look is the fabric. See some fabrics that can combine beauty and comfort in one piece:


This is a lightweight, breathable and fluid fabric. Its fit is generally straighter. The blouses made with crepe are looser, ideal for composing work looks.

Its touch is rough and it is a versatile and timeless fabric, present in several models of women’s clothing and can be used in different seasons.

Women’s crepe dress blouses also follow the lead as great options to compose work looks due to their fit and variety of models and styles.


Viscose is also a lightweight, breathable fabric. Its touch is softer and clothes made with this fabric have vibrant colors, as it has excellent dye absorption.


Linen is a fabric known for its rustic look. It is classified as a noble fabric. It is breathable, lightweight and conveys elegance and sophistication. You can find pieces that have linen along with another fabric, such as a mixture of linen and viscose, which generate viscose.

Women's clothes for office work: model wearing a midi linen dress with blue strap.
Midi linen dress with strap SEE PRODUCT

It’s important when shopping for women’s work wear for office work, don’t forget to include the fabric in your checklist to look beautiful, comfortable, and ready to rock in corporate environments.

Classics are always in fashion

Traditional, timeless pieces have been part of our wardrobe for years and it’s not by chance. Straight-cut pants, blazer and white dress shirt also feature new models, more updated and modern every season. See some examples:

Tailored pants

You can also invest in tailored pants with a women’s dress blouse, as this combination goes very well in corporate environments, in addition to allowing a multitude of combinations with blouses in different colors, always renewing your repertoire so you don’t get stuck.

Women's clothes for work: model with tailored black twill pants. Tailored twill pants SEE PRODUCT

White shirt

Who doesn’t have a white shirt in their wardrobe? This piece is wild, regardless of your style. Some models and new cuts make the shirt fit for different occasions and personalities.

Women's clothes for work: model in a white crepe shirt with pearls on the collar.
Crepe shirt with pearls on the collar SEE PRODUCT

Invest in a feminine dress shirt with a well-structured cuff and collar, as this will make all the difference to your fit. To vary the combinations and be a little daring, use it with leather pants, for example. Accessories can also make all the difference.


Worn by men and women, the blazer crosses generations and continues to be updated every season. Even the most traditional pieces can be used and combined with other more modern and stylish ones.

Women's clothes for work: model with a blazer in green tailoring and white detailing.
Blazer in green tailoring with off detail

For example, combine a traditional blazer with a lightly see-through shirt or print blouse. If your idea is to innovate in blazer modeling, invest in boyfriend-style pieces or with structured fabric.

For elegant looks, opt for models with noble fabrics and a good fit.

And the accessories?

Regardless of style, accessories are the darlings of women of all styles. In more formal environments, prefer the most delicate and smaller pieces. Compositions and mix are welcome, as they make the look more modern without losing balance.

Remember that accessories will be the focal point of the region where they are located. For example, if you wear a maxi necklace, the neck region will draw more attention.

We’ve reached the end of this article and now you’re on top of how to modernize and update women’s social clothing for work, without leaving aside the classic and traditional. Did you like to know these tips? Share with a friend who will also like it and check out our online store.

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