Why Is Heinz So Much Better?

Fans like Duguay and Mouratidis said the ketchup tastes pretty much like Heinz — and they’re happy with that. Kraft Heinz will launch a new product in Canada next month: Mayochup, a condiment that combines Heinz’s ketchup and mayonnaise.

That’s not to say locals speak ill of Heinz. “For them to exit after 104 years, I understood people’s feelings,” says Mayor John Paterson. “But you can’t look anywhere in our town and not find a place where Heinz didn’t have a part in making a particular facility or a park. They were an excellent corporate citizen.

And Heinz is still a major part of the business for local tomato farmers. “I don’t have resentment toward them,” says Kevin Epp, who has an 80-hectare growing contract with Highbury Canco this year. “A quarter of what we grow goes to them.” It’s not going to ketchup, true, but it’ll be in their tomato juice or part of some other product.

How French’s ketchup took a bite out of Heinz French’s sustained success in Canada is likely due to a combination of ingredients, including continuous free publicity and a Canadian-made ketchup that also offers a taste and price consumers find palatable.

Why did Loblaws stop selling French ketchup?

Then, grocery giant Loblaws stopped selling French’s ketchup in March 2016 due to “low” demand. The move sparked outrage from fans on social media, so the grocer quickly backtracked and the event made headlines. As a result, French’s became a household name. Loblaws reverses decision, will continue to sell French’s ketchup.

Kraft Heinz told CBC News that the company never actually left Leamington, as the plant’s new owner still processes many products for Heinz — other than ketchup. Kraft Heinz said the value of those products, such as tomato juice, is currently worth four times the Canadian retail ketchup market.

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