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Why didnt he tell that Billy was the rat?

Why didnt he tell that Billy was the rat?

Why didnt he tell that Billy was the rat?

  1. Before he dies he says he now knows he can’t kill anyone, and doesn’t tell anyone about Billy being the rat because he doesn’t want to be responsible for Billy’s death.

furthermore, What does the rat at the end of The Departed mean? A “rat” is slang for someone who betrays the trust and comradery of whatever organization they’ve sworn themselves to. In “The Departed,” Costigan was a rat to the mob because he was informing the police.

Why did Sullivan shoot barrigan?

When Costigan is killed by his friend Barrigan, Barrigan tells him that as he was a Costello informant, but Sullivan shoots him, because he is tired, he doesn’t want to deal with this situation anymore, he wants to take off his double face.

Why was Costello an FBI informant?

Billy works a job to kill a guy who crossed Costello. But during the job, the guy lets slip that Costello is actually a protected FBI informant. The whole reason he’s never been caught is because he keeps selling out other gangsters.

Who was the baby father in The Departed? It’s actually quite common.” Later, when Madden tells Sullivan that she is pregnant, she doesn’t reveal the identity of the father. The allusion is that the father is Billy Costigan (DiCaprio), with whom she had an affair, and not Sullivan, who is impotent.

What was in the envelope Billy give madolyn?

She knew the baby was leos. She was going to say something about it, and also that she wanted to be with him. The envelope contained the whole truth which she gave to marky mark by instruction from leo contained in the envelope which is why mark kills him in the end.

Is Dignam a mole in The Departed?

SPOILERS AHOY, obviously. At the end of “The Departed,” Sullivan is killed by Dignam. The general consensus seems to be that it was a revenge kill: Dignam was mad about being fired, Queenan being killed, Sullivan being successful, etc.

Who was the second mole in The Departed?

Thor Love and Thunder – The Loop Trooper James Barrigan was a police officer in the Massachusetts State Police and the best-friend of Colin Sullivan. He serves as the hidden tertiary antagonist of The Departed. He was one of two moles working for mobster Frank Costello.

Why did Sullivan shoot Costello?

Colin kills Frank Costello, to prevent his relationship with him from being discovered, since Costello is an FBI informant and when he kills him he takes credit from his colleagues.

Why does Dignam shoot Sullivan?

At the end of The Departed, Dignam kills Sullivan after finding out that he was the rat all along and responsible for Billy Costigan’s death.

How did Sullivan know Costello was an informant?

Using Queenan’s phone, Sullivan reaches Costigan, and fails to persuade him to quit his work as a mole. Sullivan learns from Queenan’s diary that Costello was an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Who was the mole in The Departed?

Colin Sullivan (played by Matt Damon) is a protégé of Irish American crime boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), and he joins the state police force as a mole for Costello.

What did Billy give madolyn in The Departed?

Just before the climax of The Departed, Billy comes to Madolyn’s apartment and gives her a package to keep safe and asks her to open it if he’s dead or if he tells her to. In a later scene, we see her naming the package Costigan and putting it in her drawer in her office.

Why did Costello Trust Costigan?

Costello had recordings of conversations there, to be reported to the FBI. He trusted more than Costigan because Costello discovered his potential he thought he had known how to represent his philosophy, and more like him and bad.

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