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Who is the villain in Upside-Down Magic?

Who is the villain in Upside-Down Magic?

Who is the villain in Upside-Down Magic?

  1. Chandra is a character and the main antagonist of Upside-Down Magic.
  2. She is the human manifestation of Shadow Magic.
  3. Chandra is portrayed by Yasmeen Fletcher.

furthermore, What age is Upside-Down Magic for? Age 8+ Inspiring short doc about competition and friendship.

What is norys full name in Upside-Down Magic?

Elinor “Nory” Boxwood Horace, portrayed by Izabela Rose, is the central protagonist in the 2020 Disney Channel Original Movie Upside-Down Magic. She is an abnormal Fluxer who can turn into a combination of animals.

What are the 5 houses in Upside-Down Magic?

Released 07/31/2020 on Disney Channel, Upside-Down Magic follows Nory Horace and her friend Reina Carvajal as they attend Sage Academy. The school is divided by five magic types: Fluxers, Flyers, Flickers, Flares, and Fuzzies and each student fits into one of these “houses”.

How does Upside-Down Magic end? After the incident, Nory and the UDMs are moved into their respective magic classes and Budd is now an official Fuzzy teacher. In the final scene, the Shadow Magic book falls off the shelf as it opens on a specific page that shows the magic logo with one symbol that has been removed in the normal magic logo.

Is Upside-Down Magic scary?

There are few scares here and plenty of silliness to keep the feel very lighthearted, even in those moments when a dark force threatens.

What grade is Nory from Upside-Down Magic in?

Summary: Nory is a 4th grader with special magical talents that often go β€œwonky.” She hopes to get into Sage Academy, a prestigious magic school where her father is the headmaster and her two siblings, Hawthorn and Dalia, already attend.

What is pepper in Upside-Down Magic?

Pepper Paloma is a character in Upside-Down Magic, and the tritagonist of the film. She is an abnormal Flicker and is played by Alison Fernandez. She was an attendee at Sage Academy for Magical Studies.

Who is BAX in Upside-Down Magic?

Bax Kapoor is a fifth grader in Ms. Starr’s Upside-Down Magic class at Dunwiddle Magic School. He is an upside-down Fluxer who turns into a rock. He is one of the focuses of Upside-Down Magic #2, Sticks and Stones.

What are the 5 Fs in Upside-Down Magic?

The kids in Upside-Down Magic know their five F’s (Flares, Flyers, Fuzzies, Flickers, and Fluxers) — but to win this night, a sixth F is the most important . . .

What are the 5 types of magic in Upside-Down Magic?

Emily: The magic in Upside-down Magic comes in five categories: Flyers (they fly), Fluxers (they transform into animals), Fuzzies (they can talk to animals), Flares (they make fire) and Flickers (they can turn invisible.)

Who is Chandra in Upside-Down Magic?

Chandra is a character and central antagonist that appears in Upside-Down Magic. She is the human manifestation of Shadow Magic, disguising itself as a Flare student. Chandra is portrayed by Yasmeen Fletcher.

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