Where to buy cheap clothes to resell: Best Options

Where to buy cheap clothes to resell

Where to buy cheap clothes to resell: Best Options

Are you thinking of starting a business in the apparel sector? So you need to know where to buy cheap clothes to resell. Perhaps one of the activities with the least risk of bankruptcy. The resale of clothes allows a profitability of up to 200% per item.

Where to buy cheap clothes to resellWant to know where to buy cheap clothes? Check it out here and get tips to buy and resell.

However, to be able to make good profits and at the same time invest a moderate amount, it is necessary to find good suppliers of cheap clothing for resale, otherwise your cost can be high and your profits compromised. Also, good prices are not enough, good taste is necessary.

The stores or suppliers that you will purchase the products from must have a variety of models, styles and brands, otherwise you will hardly find the clothing models targeting your target audience. If you are interested in working with clothing retail this content is perfect.

check out where to buy cheap clothes to resell and make a good profit margin from a successful apparel business.

Import vs. Cheap Clothing Suppliers

You will find out here ↓↓↓

When thinking about where to buy cheap clothes to resell immediately, the question arises: to import or buy from Brazilian suppliers?

Both modalities have advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to know the details of each one of them in order to be able to decide, in your case, what to do.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

Import of cheap clothes

The main advantage of importing is the cost that is much lower than those practiced in Brazil and, often, for products that until then are not even sold here.

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Chinese and American import sites have clothes with negligible values, sometimes less than R$ 15.00. Beware, fake clothing may also be being sold as if it were genuine.

The advantages of importing clothes are:

  • Low price;
  • Variety of products;
  • Brands and models that until then may not be sold frequently in Brazil;

The disadvantages can also interfere, see:

  • Delivery time (usually 20 days or more);
  • Counterfeit products;
  • Impossibility to check the quality of the product before buying;
  • Possibility of delay and seizure at customs;
  • Tax levy, mainly on bulk purchases;
  • Difficulty in negotiating due to the language;
  • Difficulty in exercising exchange and gender policies;

In other words, the advantage of importing products is just the low price and the variety of brands, especially the famous ones, which tend to be cheaper in countries like China and the USA.

Brazilian suppliers

Purchasing clothes from Brazilian suppliers or brand representatives may not be so cheap, which makes good profits difficult, however, it is possible to buy wholesale using a CNPJ and also, if you look hard, you can get good prices to get a profit between 100% to 150%.

Where to buy cheap clothes to resellSee how to import cheap clothes to resell and clear all your doubts about the suppliers’ reliability.

Of course, your final price when reselling clothes depends on several factors, for example, if you are reselling on social networks or the internet, the ideal is to insert a lower profit margin, between 50% and 70%, in physical stores, your margin should be between 120% and 200% to be able to bear all the costs and still have good profits.

The advantages of buying from Brazilian suppliers are:

  • You can check the quality of products before shopping;
  • Ease of getting references;
  • Purchases in installments;
  • Ease of exchange and exercise the product warranty;
  • Direct contact with supplier;


  • Higher prices;
  • loyalty period

The disadvantages of Brazilian clothing suppliers is basically the higher price, also, it is customary to demand loyalty and, in some cases, exclusivity. Consequently, the reseller cannot buy from other companies that sell the same brand, which makes it difficult to bargain.

Below, we bring some of the options of places to acquire cheap clothes for resale, both from Brazilian and physical suppliers, as well as import sites, check it out!

Brazilian Suppliers of Clothing for Resale

There are thousands of clothing suppliers in Brazil, some with good prices and quality, others not. Therefore, avoid generalizing Brazilian sellers, as it is possible to find good prices and quality.

Below, we list some Brazilian clothing suppliers:

Clothing Wholesale

It is a supplier with a wide variety of clothing, both menswear, womenswear and childrenswear. The company’s focus is on working with cheap clothes and that’s why you won’t find designer brands like Hollister or Calvin Klein.

Where to buy cheap clothes to resellSee some Brazilian suppliers so you can buy cheap clothes and resell

If you are looking for cheap clothes to resell, without a doubt Wholesale Clothing is the right option. See, today, for example, a fitness set (top + pants) is costing R$ 18.65 per unit, and a moccasin sneaker is only R$ 7.89 per unit.

Adamas Wholesaler

Another excellent option for buying cheap women’s clothing to resell in your physical store, online or on Facebook is Adamas. It is a recognized store, has more than 2,000 customers and many products.

You can buy a cropped blouse for R$ 20.00 and long dresses for R$ 65.00.

Bras – São Paulo

Brás is a famous shopping mall in São Paulo, known for its clothing stores with very low prices. To give you an idea, it is possible to find garments starting at R$ 3.00 reais.

Among the stores in Brás, Feira da Madrugada is one of the most sought after options by shopkeepers and cheap clothing retailers, precisely because of the variety of models, parts and brands, in addition to the prices well below the average found in other stores in the country.

If you want to go to Brás, see below for some important information:

  • Address: Largo da Concordia, n. 88, Avenida Rangel Pestana, n. 2,079 and Rua Ministro Firmino Whitaker, n. 42 – Brás – São Paulo – SP.
  • Telephone: (11) 2696-5133

The store has more than 4 thousand cheap clothes to buy and resell. Offering everything from women’s underwear to men’s jeans, the variety of clothes in this store is impressive.

You won’t find designer brands,’s goal is to get the lowest price and quality clothes, but without known brands. As it is a large supplier, the minimum purchases are R$ 100.00 reais.


It is one of the best known stores, especially for people looking to buy clothes to resell without a CNPJ. Prices are good, but you need to look for the right options.

For example, today, a short-sleeved shirt costs around R$ 20.00 to R$ 30.00 reais, while long-sleeved shirts are on sale for R$ 19.00.

  • site:
  • CNPJ: 14,317,819/0001-91
  • Address: Rua Sete de Setembro, 1069, 1st. Floor – Room 10A – Dumóvel Building, Blumenau, SC.

Phone for contact:

  • Brazil: 47 3331-6666
  • São Paulo: 11 4062-5476
  • Rio de Janeiro: 21 4062-5476
  • Belo Horizonte: 31 4062-5476
  • Brasilia: 61 4062-5476

If people in your city pay to wear something that makes them beautiful, they will pay to have a better body too!

Brazilian Suppliers Brand Brands

For those looking to resell designer brands and thereby increase earnings through a profit margin of 100% to 200%, good supplier options can be found on Mercado Livre and through referrals on Youtube.

We cannot leave the contact details of a company here because this means of Brazilian suppliers of designer clothes is “very restricted”, providing only the contact phone and Whatsapp, there is rarely a website.

Thus, the supplier sends a catalog with products and prices of the brands.

Cheap Clothing Import Sites for Resale in Brazil

He is thinking of working with dropshipping or even importing products from other countries, keeping them in stock and reselling them in Brazil.

Earnings from importing and reselling cheap clothing can vary due to 3 factors:

  • Initial cost of the product;
  • Final cost of the product;
  • Taxation.

If you manage to acquire cheap products through research and price comparisons and which, in Brazil, are being sold for prices at least 200% more expensive, your profit margin is almost guaranteed.

The import tax is 60% of the total value (purchase + shipping) and you will hardly be able to “escape” from paying taxes when buying in large quantities.

Also, you must factor in your expenses the possible need to exchange merchandise (and not be able to demand this right with external sites due to communication and logistics difficulties), in addition to the risk of loss of one or another merchandise.

Overall, it is possible to achieve between 150% and 200% of gross profit on the sale of imported clothes.

I suggest reading the following contents:

Contrary to what many people think, the importation of designer brand clothing from other countries is not cheap due to “counterfeiting”, because it is common to purchase from the brand’s own factory.

Look, what happens is that, in other countries, in addition to the tax burden being lower, there are factories of brand names, such as Armani, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, among others, which reduces the cost of logistics and production .

Imports of clothes basically happen from 4 countries, USA, China, Paraguay and Peru. Below, we’ve listed X options for cheap clothing shopping sites to resell:

Ebay – USA

THE ebay is a famous website for the sale of products from the USA which, currently, has spread to other countries, such as China. It’s a kind of “Free Market”, with sellers and suppliers from all over the place, from individuals to manufacturers.

The site can be viewed entirely in Portuguese, which makes choosing products easier. But be careful with the measures, as they remain in English or the one described by the advertiser.

There are thousands of clothing options, in addition to designer brands. It cannot be said that “there is no” counterfeit products, as this depends on the sellers. You will find many Chinese, Germans and Americans selling clothes on Ebay.

Amazon – USA

THE Amazon makes its marketplace available to other sellers, however, it also operates in the sale of products. Particularly, in my view Amazon’s products and sellers are more “restricted”, apparently there is greater supervision.

However, when analyzing the products, the value is a little higher than those found on Ebay, so many people still prefer to use Ebay for importing.

Aliexpress – China

THE AliExpress is one of the best known import sites in China, serving not only to buy clothes, but also other products like electronics, car accessories, etc.

It is possible to find clothes from designer brands and other “simple” ones. The site can be accessed in the Portuguese language version, however, there has been an increase in prices, as is the case of Colcci clothes, which previously could be purchased for up to R$ 50.00 and are now in the range of BRL 110.00 reais.

Where to buy cheap clothes to resellaliexpress is one of the best shopping sites and is still very reliable and secure.

It is worth noting that it is still lower than the amount paid in Brazil, but remember that it is possible for taxes to be levied, which can make profitability small compared to all the effort to buy the merchandise for resale.

Wish – China

THE wish it is also a platform for selling various products from China, and of course, with clothes to buy and resell.

Personally, I’ve already purchased things from Wish and I had no problems, apart from, of course, the delay in getting the goods,…

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