What Were Popular Foods In The 2000S?


Sometimes we forget about all the wonderful snacks that we ate in the 2000s. Why not start the trend of all the 2000s snacks that we wish we can munch on at this moment. Here are a few of those snacks that will most definitely make you feel nostalgic. 1. Planters Cheez Balls The cheesy, crunchy balls that every child and teen obsess over.

Dan Gentile is a staff writer on Thrillist’s National Food and Drink team. In the year 2000, his biggest food trend was the discovery of instant ramen noodles. Follow him to $.10 meals at @Dannosphere.

Beef Wellington became popular party fare during the 1960s. Trends come and go β€” even food trends. We spoke with food historian and author of “Food in America,” Andrew F. Smith to identify some of the most iconic foods throughout the last 11 decades.

Bacon – We’ve always loved bacon. It’s bacon for goodness sake! But it was during the 2000’s that we received bacon donuts, bacon chocolate, bacon vodka, bacon ice cream and bacon-wrapped anything you can think of. Let’s hope this is one trend that continues frying up in the future.

How much did the craft beer industry grow in 2000?

The craft beer industry grew by 4.2% in the year 2000. At the time, New Belgium was just coming into their own as a major player, growing 41% in 1999 and taking over the rank of third most popular craft brewery.

Bon Appetit called Danny Meyer restaurateur of the year in 1999 and he hasn’t slowed down since. Shake Shack is a force of nature, Blue Smoke is now serving barbecue on Delta flights, and he just got in the pizza game with Marta.

What food did Americans eat in 2002?

2002: Comfort Food. After the country suffered one of its worst disasters on September 11, 2001, Americans turned to meatloaf, chicken pot pie, mac ‘n cheese, pizza, and all things comforting. Courtesy of Barnes and Noble.

According to the Organic Trade Association, annual sales of organic food hit $24 billion by 2009, a more than fivefold increase from a decade earlier. Courtesy of Barnes and Noble.

Holy whole grains! In 2008 more than 2,800 new whole grain products are introduced to the worldwide market, a 1,658% increase over the year 2000.

The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss by cardiologist Arthur Agatston is published in 2003 and remains on the best-seller list for more than 96 consecutive weeks. Agatston’s carbohydrate-reducing plan is just one facet of the low-carb craze sweeping the nation. In February 2004, nearly one in 10 respondents to one survey said they were following a low-carb diet; by 2005, that number dropped to 2% and the trend faded.

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