What to wear to a photo shoot?

What to wear to a photo shoot?

What to wear to a photo shoot?


“Biga, what outfit should I wear to rehearsal?” This is one of the questions I hear most when I schedule a couples rehearsal.

Taking incredible photos is every couple’s dream, however, it’s not enough just to have the perfect angle or the ideal location, you have to think about the clothes that will be used.

Whenever there is an outdoor rehearsal, there are doubts, such as choosing the location, even about what to wear and accessories. Thinking about it, I’ve separated some tips to help you at this time!

What will we see in this post:

• How to choose the outfit for your shoot

• Know the location for your photos

• Ideas for combinations in different locations

• Respect your style

• Chromatic circle: how to create color combinations


First of all, it’s important to choose clothes comfortable and make you more comfortable, in addition to showing your personality. It’s also nice to ask yourself if the chosen outfit will continue to please you a few years from now.

And, think about the location of the photos, taking care not to draw so much attention, or create an exaggeration and visual confusion.

To rehearsal don’t get tiring, the ideal is that you take up to two looks, except in specific cases.

Solid colors are better than prints when the idea is to look good in photos – but it’s good to avoid some tones in some locations. Too pale pastels or white can leave a washed-out effect, or dark, earthy colors can “go away” with you in a field trial.

Recommended: Basic, light clothing, solid color. The best colors are deep reds, turquoises, and other shades in the blues and greens family (the most universal color families of all). Rich and deep greens, purples and blues are all good. Light colors are also very welcome, as they give a lighter and more harmonious air to the compositions that will be made in the rehearsal.Not recommended: Clothes with exaggerated prints, stripes, too dark colors, numbers or words that are too big. This care serves so that the main attention of the essay is not taken away, that is, you! 😉


Avoid wearing large watches, jewelry or accessories very flashy, especially if the location is in the field or Beach.

Shoe Styles

Comfort is also key here. Neutral shoes, without color applications or contrasts. Furthermore, all types are recommended. If you want to wear high heels, consider the location (if the test is carried out in the field or any other location that makes it difficult to move).


Avoid wearing t-shirts or polo shirts with logos and brands, this ends up out of harmony with the environment and the bride. Colored prints and stripes should also be avoided, they do not generate good visual harmony. If the day is hot, you can opt for a plain polo. If your style is more laid-back, choose a plain shirt that can be worn with an open plaid shirt. If you’re more classic, a long-sleeved shirt in a color you like is a good thing.

The most important thing is that the groom’s clothes are in the same style as the bride’s, and that doesn’t mean they should wear the same colors. 😉

To avoid mistakes, bet on light and plain tones, avoid denim shorts, and if you wear jeans, let it be pants.

Once again, the secret is that you choose an outfit that you are comfortable with, as this can be clearly seen in the photos! Check out some more looks that look great for your shoot.


Ideally, the location for the photos is a place that is already known. This makes it easier to adapt the clothes with the environment.

Knowing the characteristics of the location is important, as “thinking” that you know how the place is can bring unpleasant surprises and, in the end, influence the result of the photos. If your dream rehearsal is in a location you don’t know, research images from the space and ask the photographer. 😉

But a friend said it’s good for photos

Always remember that the professional’s look is different, he sees elements and situations that the client does not observe. Count on your photographer, it can be of great help in your choice.


The secret here is harmony, this weighs a lot when deciding what to wear to a photo shoot. The light colors enhance the blue sky, the green vegetation and put you in the spotlight in the photos. Also considering that it is lighter visually, so the chance of being harmonious is much greater.

Avoid black clothes in places like parks and waterfalls. Another important point; dark places and light places. If your location is in a darker environment, choose light clothes, and very bright places require clothes that create more contrast.

Always have balance and harmony between colors. Avoid “color” in places that already have a lot of color, as it can clutter your mind and give you a feeling that something is wrong when you look at the pictures.

If the photos are sunlight, in an environment related to nature, avoid very dark clothes in earthy tones, large florals and prints with a lot of color contrast.

The same goes for the beach! Think of the lightness and soft tones of sky, sea and sand and create an equally light and fluid look.

If the photos are in urban environments, where there is all the visual composition of buildings, geometry and shades of gray, small prints in monochromatic tones and repetitive patterns are a choice to create textures in relation to the environment. But beware of exaggeration here too!

PS, taking the dog to the beach rehearsal is very cool! 😉

Have in mind: The location where the photos will roll directly impacts the clothes you should choose.

I really like my brides to use tones that contrast with the space, like shades of magenta and red for field shots, where shades of green are predominant. I also think it’s amazing soft tones and fluid dresses with textures in the fabric itself, creating smooth reliefs and dynamism in the photo! 🙂

If you like something more neutral, gray is the best option, even better than black. Other ideas are vibrant roses and corals, which also tend to suit all skin types and reflect in a nice way in the photos.


Most important of all, keep your style and personality when getting dressed. If you, for example, don’t like to wear a dress, it won’t be at the time of the photos that you’re going to wear it! The reason is very simple, you may not identify, end up not enjoying it and get frustrated with the result of the photos. :/

So, be you, this is your best version. <3

But you don’t need to kick the bucket and wear a football shirt, for example. hahahaha

Some clothes do not show our identity, but personal ties and tastes. In the couple’s rehearsal, the clothes should represent both and not each person’s personal taste. (unless the story has some connection with the couple’s team and/or stadium)

This example is also suitable for cultural groups of any type, or event that united the couple and is part of their history.


complementary combination

Complementary colors are colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

This combination scheme works great when you want colors to create an effect of life, energy, and especially when you want to achieve maximum visual contrast.

analog combination

Using this scheme you can combine two to five colors (but the ideal is to use two to three), which are close to each other. This creates an impression of calm and uniformity.

Triad Matching – Matching Between Three Colors

This is a combination of three colors that are equidistant from each other within the circle, producing a high contrast effect without losing harmony. This type of composition creates a “vibrant” feel even when using light colors and no saturation.

Split complementary combination

This is a variation of the complementary color combination. In this case, you choose a primary color and two complementary colors. The effect created by this scheme is more contrasting, but a little less intense.

rectangle combination

In this case, just use a primary color and two complementary colors, in addition to an additional color that accentuates the others.

square combination

Using a combination of four colors equidistant from each other, in this case the tones differ from each other, but they are also complementary. This creates an effect of dynamics, vividness and “fun”.


If there is still doubt and insecurity, bet on good old basics! Everyone has a wild piece in their closet, that outfit they like and feel good about. Just dress up and let’s have amazing pictures! <3

Here are some more color combinations:

White: It goes with everything, especially blue, red and black;Beige: Combines with blue, brown, emerald, black, red and white;Gray: Combines with fuchsia, red, violet, pink and blue;Pink: Matches brown, white, mint green, olive, grey, turquoise, light blue;Fuchsia (dark pink): Combines with grey, brownish yellow, lime, mint green and brown;Red: Combines with yellow, white, fawn, green, blue and black;Brown: Combines with cream, pink, green, beige and bright cyan;Orange: Matches like cyan, blue, lilac, violet, white and black;Yellow: Combines with blue, lilac, light cyan, violet, gray and black;Green: Matches golden brown, orange, salad green, yellow, brown, gray, cream, black and cream white;Cyan: Matches red, gray, brown, orange, pink, white and yellow;Lilac: Combines with orange, pink, dark violet, yellow and white;Black: Matches all other colors, especially orange, pink, green, white, red or yellow.

And now that you’ve become an expert in clothing combinations and want to enjoy these beautiful days that are going on, already get in touch with me around here for us to exchange an idea and do a rehearsal! <3

I hope you enjoyed the tips!


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