What Percent Of Nutella Is Palm Oil?

The palm oil we use in Nutella® is 100% sustainable palm oil, traceable back to the mills. It mainly originates from Malaysia (averaging around 80% of our volumes) followed by Indonesia. Malaysia Did you know? Ferrero’s palm oil supply leads to -56%* Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions compared to non-certified palm oil.

In 2013, Ferrero Group stated that all Nutella products contain 100% segregated RSPO certified palm oil, and are traceable back to the plantation and production line (“Only Sustainable Traceable Certified Palm Oil for Ferrero”).

The palm oil we use in Nutella ® is 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and can be traced back to the mills, guaranteeing that it does not come from plantations subject to deforestation. Sustainable palm oil aims to protect forests, workers and communities.

Of course, the first ingredient of Nutella is sugar. Listed second is palm oil, followed by hazelnuts, cocoa, milk, lecithin (soy) and vanillin. The most controversial ingredient in that list is the palm oil.

Yes, generally. Palm oil plantations have caused severe deforestation, threatening wildlife and the global climate. However, Ferrero, which makes Nutella, is much better than most companies at tracing its palm oil back to sustainable plantations.

Global production in 2013 was about 350,000 tonnes. Nutella is described as a chocolate and hazelnut spread, although it is mostly made of sugar and palm oil. The manufacturing process for this food item is very similar to a generic production of chocolate spread.

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