What Is Towel Meat?


if you use a kitchen towel to pat-dry meat, then you have to discard (wash) it after a single usage, not really practical if it is not wash-day at your house. or if you decide to wash it (more or less) on its own, then it is a waste of water/detergent/energy. If it is about safety, use paper towels; dry the meat, trash it.

Patting dry with paper towels is really wasteful. I would like to pat dry meat with something reusable like a kitchen towel, yet I fear some of the bacteria will remain on it and make it contaminated. Is there a substitute for paper towels?

With several side towels handy, there’s no need to use paper towels that litter and can get into food when you are mopping up water, meat juices, fat and the like. Before placing a ready rested bit of meat on the plate, place it for a couple of seconds on a double folded towel so that meat juice residues are absorbed.

The cloth is also perfect to produce a ‘ballotine’ (a filled roll of meat that is served in slices). Make a bag with the towel, fill with ice and bang against the table or bash with a heavy frying pan. You can also crack open nuts this way!

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