What is the feminine version of chat?

What is the feminine version of chat?

18 Comments. “les chattes” is the feminine plural, and means “the (female) cats”. The feminine form is not slang in itself, but can be used in slang. “les chats” is the masculine plural, and means “the (male) cats”.

Also, Is chatting informal?

The verb “to chat” means to talk (to someone) in a friendly, informal way. Today there are many places on the Internet where you can chat. You can chat with people all over the world, in many languages and about many subjects or topics. … Chatting is a good way to practise your *informal* English.

How do you pronounce Le chat in French?

Is Stylo masculine or feminine?

The word for pen in French is stylo. Stylo is a masculine noun, so if you wanted to say ‘the pen,’ for example, you would use the masculine definite…

Is bonbons masculine or feminine?

bonbons {masculine plural}


Is chat a slang word?

What Does Chat Slang Mean? Chat slang is a specific kind of colloquial or informal language that’s used in the context of new technologies. People use chat slang in instant messaging, in chat rooms, in emails, in social media posts, or in other forms of digital communication.

What type of word is chat?

chat used as a noun:

Informal conversation.

Is chat short for chatter?

As verbs the difference between chat and chatter

is that chat is to be engaged in informal conversation while chatter is to talk idly.

How do you pronounce Le Chat Noir?

What is the French word for the boy?

Cross Translation:

From To
• boy garçon ; gars
• boy → garçon
• boy → garçon
• boy → marmot; drôle; moutard; malvat

How do you say Kitten in French Canadian?

@britray: a female cat would be “une chatte” while a male cat would be “un chat” a kitten being “un chaton”

Is Maison masculine or feminine?

Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school).

Is portable masculine or feminine?


singulier pluriel
masculin portable portables
féminin portable portables

What gender is Les in French?

le is used in front of masculine singular nouns.

1 The basic rules.

with masculine noun with feminine noun
Singular le (l’) la (l’)
Plural les les

Is Bon Bon French?

A bonbon is a sweet or small confection, especially a small ball coated in chocolate. The word originated from the French language and simply means “candy”, where the first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court.

Is response feminine in French?

From the feminine of répons, or from Old French response, from respons (also the past participle of respondre), a semi-learned word from Latin respōnsum.

What is the plural of Croix in French?

Nouns ending in -s, -x and -z do not take the plural form. le bois => des bois. un pas => des pas. une voix => des voix. une croix => des croix.

What is the opposite of chat?

Opposite of an informal conversation. quiet. silence. hush. quietness.

What is a chat in Australia?

Grose, Disgusting or Ugly: That food looks chat.

What is another word for chat?

What is another word for have a chat?

chat talk
chatter prattle
blather gossip
natter jaw
chinwag blether

Is chat an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verbs chat and chatter which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. (informal) Of a person, chatting a lot or fond of chatting. (informal) Of a text or speech, expressed in a conversational style.

What is the noun of chat?

chat. noun. noun. /tʃæt/ 1[countable] a friendly, informal conversation I just stopped by for a chat.

What is the meaning of people in chat?

When people chat, they talk to each other in an informal and friendly way. The women were chatting. [ VERB]

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