What is the best website to sell Pokemon cards?

What is the best website to sell Pokemon cards?

What is the best website to sell Pokemon cards?

The Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards (Online)

  • Ebay. If you want to have the most control over selling your Pokemon cards, it’s hard to match eBay for online options. …
  • Troll and Toad. …
  • Card Market. …
  • TCG Player. …
  • Card Cavern. …
  • CCG Castle. …
  • Sell2BBNovelties. …
  • Dave & Adam’s.

Then, Can I sell Pokémon cards online?

eBay is one of the best places to sell Pokemon cards and other collectibles because sellers can choose their own selling price. The eBay online marketplace lets you sell your items at a fixed price or as an auction where buyers “bid up” the sales price. Buyers can submit offers if you’re willing to haggle on the price.

Where can I take Pokémon cards to be valued?

Other useful sites are ones like TCGPlayer and TrollAndToad, which act as digital storefronts for game shops and individuals selling cards. Once you look up a card, you can check the Market Price for an idea of how much it’s currently worth. Like eBay, these sites allow you to sell your cards for a fee.

How much should I sell my Pokémon cards for?

On average, Pok√©mon cards are worth $1.20. Most “Rare” Pok√©mon cards are valued under $10 and cards that are classified as “uncommon” or below are often worth less than $1. Older and promotional Pok√©mon cards have a much higher value on average, with some cards being worth over $300,000.

How do I sell my Pokemon cards on eBay?


How do I start selling Pokemon cards?

Go to a store.

Find a store that specializes in trading card games. Bring your well preserved cards and see how much they’ll pay you for them. Be sure to know the value of your cards and how much you’ll accept for them before doing business. Call ahead to make sure the store accepts Pok√©mon cards.

How can I sell Pokemon cards fast?

What Is the Best Website for Selling Pokémon Cards?

  1. eBay.
  2. Troll and Toad.
  3. Cardmarket.
  4. Card Cavern.
  5. TCGplayer.
  6. Facebook Marketplace.

Do people buy Pokémon cards on eBay?

Tips For Buying Cheap Pokemon Cards on eBay. eBay is a great way to pick up pokemon cards for cheap prices. You can get some serious steals for sets if you know how to look for them.

What is the fastest way to list Pokémon cards on eBay?

How It Works

  1. Open or download eBay’s app from an iOS or Android mobile device or tablet.
  2. Point your camera at the card and hold to scan the card’s image.
  3. Tap the correct (or closest) match to pre-populate your listing with all of the card details.

How do I know if my Pokémon cards are worth money?

At the very bottom of every Pokémon card is its edition and print date. In most instances, the earlier the edition, the more the card is worth. In fact, first edition cards (identifiable by the 1 inside a black circle on the bottom left of the artwork) are often considered the Holy Grail.

Will Pokémon cards ever lose value?

The sheer quantity of Chilling Reign or Fusion Strike sets that will be available in mint condition in 2041 will make them worthless. Fewer people are using Pokemon cards in the way they were intended, i.e. actually playing with them, and therefore their value will never take off in the same way.

Is buying and selling Pokémon cards worth it?

By listing valuable Pokemon cards individually you can get much more profit. It will probably take longer though and more shipping fees. You can sell Pokemon cards as a complete or semi-complete set. By compiling complete sets and selling them you will get the most profit.

How do I know if my Pokemon cards are worth money?

You can check the bottom of each card to see roughly how rare it is. A circle means common, a diamond means uncommon, a star means rare and a white or gold star means ultra-rare. Holographic and first edition cards are also typically worth extra.

Will Pokemon cards go up in value?

Those First Edition cards are especially some of the rarest and some are even considered to be among the most expensive Pokémon cards in general. Even the weakest Pokemon cards can go up in value if theyre rare, scarce or are simply unique enough.

What is the most sought after Pokémon card?

Pikachu Illustrator

The current record holder for the world’s most valuable Pok√©mon card is also one of the rarest Pok√©mon cards ever made. Pikachu Illustrator was originally given to winners of promo contests held in 1997 and 1998 by Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic.

Are Pokémon cards on eBay fake?

Are Pokemon cards on eBay fake? As a whole, Pokemon cards on eBay and auction sites are not fake. Most cards being sold on auction sites are real, but it is not uncommon to find fake cards being sold. Auctions that do no display clear images of a card should be avoided.

Why do people sell fake Pokémon cards?

Since they can’t be sold or played in official events, counterfeit Pok√©mon cards are basically worthless. Their only purpose is to help scammers trick fans out of their money.

Is buying cards on eBay safe?

Thankfully eBay has strong buyer protection rules in place along with PayPal guarantees. They also offer options to dispute the transaction through your credit card company. Thus, many of the buyers I’ve spoken to have been able to recover their funds.

How do I sell bulk Pokémon cards?

What Pokémon cards are worth money 2021?

What 2021 Pokémon TCG Cards Were Worth The Most Money

  • Umbreon VMAX Is The Most Expensive Pok√©mon TCG Card Of 2021.
  • Charizard VMAX from Pok√©mon Shining Fates Commands a $130 Price Tag.
  • Rayquaza VMAX is a Legendary Pok√©mon Card With a High Price.
  • Gengar VMAX From Fusion Strike Is A New But Expensive Pok√©mon Card.

Are 90s Pokémon cards worth anything?

Average Pokemon cards might only earn you around $10 a piece, while an authenticated card in mint condition, such as the Raichu shadowless holographic cards released in 1999, is worth up to $4000.

How can you tell if a Pokémon card is rare 2021?

This is represented by a symbol located in the bottom right corner of every card. There should be a shape that indicates what rarity the card is. Common cards are marked with a black circle, uncommon cards have a black diamond, and rare cards always have a black star. This is the basic way to tell the rarity of a card.

Are 2021 Pokemon cards worth money?

In 2021, a PSA 7 version of the Pokemon card sold for $247,230 at Goldin Auctions. The massive jump in this Pokemon card’s value came as a result of the collectible actually being signed by Ishihara himself, truly making it a one-of-a-kind oddity in the TCG.

What are 1999 Pokemon cards worth?

A 1999 first edition shadowless charmeleon can be worth up to $500, while a Nidorino shadowless first edition base set card in mint condition could fetch you up to $160. There’s even an Australian card collectors site where Pokemon cards can fetch anything from $5 to $800.

How much does it cost to get a Pokemon card graded?

Grading a card can immediately increase its value providing that the grade is high, of course. The cost of grading Pokemon cards can be steep, but the ultimate payoff is often worth it. Grading a single Pokemon card costs a minimum of $18 to $35.

Do people make money off Pokémon cards?

You can sell Pokemon cards through local ads (living in a big city is favourable) or through eBay. Sell Pokemon cards as a lot. Bunching Pokemon cards together and selling them as a lot will usually result in a quicker but cheaper sale.

How do you sell Pokémon cards in bulk?

Should I sell my Pokémon cards?

Should I Sell My Old Pokemon Card Collection? You should sell your Pokemon card collection only if you are prepared to part with it and you know its true worth. In true Marie Kondo fashion: if owning the cards brings you joy, then keep them. If selling them would bring you more joy, do that instead.

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