What is TCG Buylist?

What is TCG Buylist?

What is TCG Buylist?

THE BUYLIST. TCGplayer provides the Buylist Program as an online service that allows Stores to purchase products on their Buylist from Players. Stores create Buylist Pricing, which contains items, quantities and pricing. Stores also set aside money (withholdings) for purchasing items on the list.

Then, Does TCGplayer have a Buylist?

TCGplayer Trade-In (also known as TCGplayer Buylist) lets you create a list of Magic: The Gathering cards you want to sell called a Buylist Offer and search for stores that are willing to buy those cards from you at prices they’ve set. Our system helps you find the best price available for your cards.

What is TCG Buylist price?

Buylist Market Price: This price point is based on recently processed and completed purchases of cards through the TCGplayer Buylist. Because this metric reflects the price at which a store can purchase, receive, process, and sell cards for a profit, it reflects the best wholesale price of a card.

Where is TCGplayer Buylist?

You can create a Buylist Offer by visiting the TCGplayer Buylist link with the My Account page, then selecting Create A Buylist Offer. You’ll then be able to search for the products you’d like to sell, see the best prices being offered and add those items to your Buylist Offer.

How long does TCGplayer Buylist take?

TCGplayer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. All Buylist Offers should arrive to TCGplayer within 10 days.


How do you buy from TCGplayer Buylist?

If you are interested in using the TCGplayer Buylist functionality with your Direct account you are able to go in and easily add buying power, which can be done via payment withholdings or wire transfer. Then, enter pricing on the Buylist tab to purchase cards through our Buylist/Trade-In system.

How do you get paid on TCG?

In general, we issue payments on Monday or Thursday. After we receive your Reimbursement Invoice (RI) shipment, we release payments based on our normal payment process. When you sell a card through Direct by TCGplayer, the following occurs: We collect payment from the buyer and hold it.

Does it cost money to sell on TCGplayer?

Pro Seller by TCGplayer is designed to grow your business and make your life easier, not more difficult. There’s no contract, no monthly payment, and no startup cost. Just a simple 2.5% additional fee that only applies to online sales that are shipped to customers.

Can you sell directly to TCGplayer?

Become a Marketplace Seller and enter your inventory and prices directly into Wait Time: Instant. Your items will appear on the TCGplayer Marketplace as soon as you enter them. You can quickly and easily add thousands of items and prices with no setup or listing fees.

Does TCGplayer buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

A: You can scan Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to identify them, find out what they’re worth and find them on You can also sell cards online by creating a listing with photos. Plus, you can scan Magic cards to sell them to game stores using TCGplayer Trade-In.

Can you sell directly to TCGplayer?

Increase your profits

Cards from Sellers in Direct by TCGplayer are featured items on the TCGplayer Marketplace. This gives you a great advantage in listing your cards and can lead to dramatically increased sales, as Buyers seek to get every card together in one package with Direct by TCGplayer.

How do I get my TCGplayer store credit?

By making purchases on during the promotional period, you can earn store credit (called bonus bucks). Usually, we’ll send out an email alert or post on social media in advance or on the day of the sale to let you know bonus bucks are available.

Does TCGplayer report to IRS?

Federal Regulations require TCGplayer to collect W9 Tax Information prior to issuing any form of payment to sellers. IRS regulations require non-U.S. taxpayers to provide Form W-8BEN to TCGplayer in order to be exempt from U.S. tax reporting requirements.

Where does TCGplayer direct ship from?

Our order fulfillment program saves you time and money by packing and mailing your online orders for Magic: The Gathering singles from our warehouse in Syracuse, NY. Here’s an inside peek at the teams in our warehouse that have made TCGplayer Direct successful for sellers like you.

How many PayPal pay in 4 can you have?

GOBankingRates Score

Quick Take: Pay in 4 is PayPal’s version of a “buy now, pay later” plan that lets you split the purchase amount into four payments and pay over time.

Is TCGplayer a good place to sell cards?

As far as selling your Magic Cards, TCGPlayer is the most well known site on the internet today.

How long does it take to get money from TCGplayer?

Payments made via direct deposit usually appear in accounts after four business days; although, the official timing of payments are dependent upon your banking institution. TCGplayer recommends that you speak with your bank to confirm payment timing.

Where is the best place to sell Pokemon cards?

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards

  • eBay. eBay is one of the best places to sell Pokemon cards and other collectibles because sellers can choose their own selling price.
  • 2. Facebook Marketplace.
  • Local Comic Shops.
  • TCGPlayer Marketplace.
  • Troll and Toad.
  • Cape Fear Games.
  • Card Cavern.
  • Dave & Adam’s.

Where does TCGplayer ship from?

Our order fulfillment program saves you time and money by packing and mailing your online orders for Magic: The Gathering singles from our warehouse in Syracuse, NY. Here’s an inside peek at the teams in our warehouse that have made TCGplayer Direct successful for sellers like you.

Is it hard to sell on TCGplayer?

It’s not terribly difficult for most players with an active local store scene to be able to trade across at Market Price, but finding a buyer who is willing to pay cash can sometimes be difficult. When you sell on TCGplayer, you open up the visibility of your store to thousands of viewers every day.

Can I scan Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

Fantastic app!

You can scan them, but I’ve noticed if it doesn’t, you’d just have to stretch it so no worries. For me personally besides the bonus of the price checker is the deck editor. My sincere problem with it is that it doesn’t allow you to have multiple decks?

How accurate is TCGplayer?

The TCGplayer Quicklist Card Scanning Software that’s available through your Pro Seller by TCGplayer account is incredibly accurate at identifying cards. However, there may be instances when cards don’t scan properly, whether it’s due to similar-looking cards, a hardware malfunction or human error.

What percent does TCGplayer take?

A: All online purchases that are processed and protected by through either the TCGplayer Marketplace or your custom website include a 2.5% Pro fee. When customers purchase items through your website, you’re only charged that 2.5% fee and a transaction processing fee.

How does TCGplayer make money?

TCGplayer makes money by taking a commission — ranging from 2 percent to 10 percent, depending on the product — on every one of those sales. Many buyers who once used eBay now use almost exclusively because they can instantly see who is selling the cards they want at the lowest prices, Hampson said.

Does TCGplayer credit expire? Store Credit does not expire and may continue to be applied to your purchases.

How do I use my TCGplayer credits?

To redeem your TCGplayer Gift Card, log into your TCGplayer account. If you’re new to our site, you can set up a free account to access your Gift Card. View your account. From the TCGplayer homepage, you can click the profile icon next to your email, and click the Account link under “Your Account.”

Do I have to pay taxes on reselling items?

Resellers purchase items and then sell those items substantially unchanged. Generally, resellers to do pay sales tax when they purchase the items, but must collect sales tax when those items are sold to the end user.

Do you get taxed for selling Pokemon cards?

Collectibles are considered alternative investments by the IRS and include things like art, stamps & coins, cards & comics, rare items, antiques, and so on. If collectibles are sold at a gain, you will be subject to a long-term capital gains tax rate of up to 28%, if disposed of after more than one year of ownership.

Can you cash out store credit on TCGplayer? When purchasing a Gift Card with other merchandise, existing TCGplayer store credit cannot be used as a method of payment. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law.

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