What is masculine in German?

What is masculine in German?

What is masculine in German?

To point out the gender of nouns, you use different gender markers. The three gender markers that mean the (singular) in German are der (masculine), die (feminine), and das (neuter). The plural form of the definite article is die. English has only one gender marker for the definite article of all nouns, namely the.

Also, How do you say dog in German?

The word for dog in German is quite simple and short, which is rather surprising considering what language we are talking about. It is (der) Hund. It is pronounced [hʊnt] in the IPA transcription. It has the same origin as the English hound, and the plural form is Hunde.

Is dog masculine or feminine in German?

The definite article: der, die and das

Gender/Number Definite article (the) Example
masculine der der Hund – the dog
feminine die die Katze – the cat
neuter das das Kaninchen – the rabbit
plural die (even if the noun is masculine or neuter) die Hunde – the dogs, die Katzen – the cats

Is student masculine or feminine in German?

In German, a Student or Studentin is a male or female person attending a university or another institution of higher education. When referring to pupils in elementary, junior high, or high schools, the terms Schüler (masculine) and Schülerin (feminine) are used.

Is school masculine or feminine in German?

The gender of Schule is feminine. E.g. die Schule.


What is German for Devil dog?

German reports referred to the attacking Marines as “teufel hunden,” meaning devil dogs, because of their tenacity and fighting ability. Teufel hunden were the vicious, wild mountain dogs of Bavarian folklore.

How do you say Wolf in German?

Writing is important, it helps to focus.

Translation by Vocabulix.

English German
wolf (wolves) Wolf (Wölfe)

How do u say Happy Birthday in German?

In almost all circumstance, a simple Happy Birthday (Alles Gute zum Geburtstag) works, but if you want to be extra fancy, you can try: Ganz herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag (All good wishes on your birthday)

Why is cat feminine in German?

The universal word is (die) Katze, pronounced [ˈkatsə] in the IPA transcription. Don’t forget that it is feminine (die). Even a male cat is referred to as die Katze in German unless you need to specify the gender (more about that later). The plural form is Katzen.

What gender is horse in German?

When studying new vocabulary in German, you have to remember that all nouns have grammatical gender: they can be masculine, feminine or neuter. When referring to animals, there’s a lot of variation. For example, “dog” is masculine, “cat” is feminine, and “horse” is neuter.

Is Nacht masculine or feminine?

Nacht is a feminine noun. So it is die Nacht.

What gender is book in German?

Unfortunately, there is no logical explanation or rule why, for example, “der Stuhl” (chair) is masculine, “die Tasche” (bag) is feminine, and “das Buch” (book) is neuter. So, the only way to learn the genders of nouns is to treat their articles as a component of the word.

How do you say I am a student in German?

in German. Ich bin Student.

Is Bank masculine or feminine in German?

Declension Bank

Singular Plural
Nom. die Bank die Bänke
Gen. der Bank der Bänke
Dat. der Bank den Bänken
Acc. die Bank die Bänke

What are the 3 genders in German?

All German nouns are included in one of three grammatical genders: masculine, feminine or neuter. However, the gender is not relevant to the plural forms of nouns.

Is handy masculine or feminine in German?

Did you know? German, like all languages, borrows words from others, especially from English. Most, but not all, nouns of foreign origin are neuter – das Knowhow or das Know-How, das Auto, das Handy.

Why are Marines called jarheads?

The Marines have long used a uniform with a high-collar, originally made of leather, which once led to the nickname “leathernecks”. That high collar was thought to have given a Marine the appearance of his head sticking out of a jar, thus leading to the “jarhead” moniker (which was adopted around World War II).

Who can say oorah?

Oorah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to hooah in the US Army and hooyah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm. (Source: Wikipedia.)

What did the Germans call the Marines in ww1?

We got our nickname Devil Dogs from official German reports which called the Marines at Belleau Wood Teufel Hunden. It has been said that this nickname came about from Marines being ordered to take a hill occupied by German forces while wearing gas masks as a precaution against German mustard gas.

What is the meaning of Adolf?

noun. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “noble” and “wolf.” Also Adolph, Adolphe, A·dol·phus [uh-dol-fuhs].

Is Lion masculine or feminine in German?

2 Feminine nouns

der Löwe lion
das Getreide crop

What does Wulf mean?

Wulf (Common Germanic *wulfaz “wolf”) was one of the most prolific elements in early Germanic names. It could figure as the first element in dithematic names, as in Wulfstan, but especially as second element, in the form -ulf, -olf as in Cynewulf, Rudolph, Ludolf, Adolf etc., it was extremely common.

What is Merry Christmas in Germany?

In German Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘Frohe Weihnachten‘. Happy/Merry Christmas in lots more languages.

What is your name in German?

If you want to say “What is your name?” in German, you would either say, “Wie heißen sie?” (formal) or “Wie heißt du?” (informal).

How do u say good morning in German?

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