What Is A Healthy Alternative To Jam?

There is no decent alternative for jam sugar. The only option you have is to use sugar and pectin separately in any jam recipe. Keep a few tips in mind, like: Always use fruits that are not overripe or wet.

Healthy jelly or jam isn’t that hard to find. Many brands have made lower sugar alternatives for those of us looking to decrease our sugar consumption. I looked at this years ago see How to Pick a Healthy Jam or Jelly and it amazes me how the choices have increased. YES! I am a fan of healthy jelly and jam because I love peanut butter.

Top 10 Best Healthy Jellies. 1 Crofter’s Organic Concord Grape Premium Spread. $9.99 View product on Amazon. 2 World of Chia Chia Strawberry Fruit Spread. 3 DiaBliss Mixed Fruit Jam with Herbal Extract Blend. 4 Trade Street Jam Co. Strawberry Chipotle + Fig Jam. 5 Newport Jerky Company GATOR Jam. More items

You can make tasty and healthy jams and jellies with little or no sugar. However, unless you use special recipes and gelling agents, they may fail. Special modified pectins: Look for packages of pectin that say “light,” “less sugar” or “no sugar added” on the label.

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