What Infamous Dish Does Olive Garden Have?

Even if you don’t score the unlimited pasta pass, you’ll still be able to try some of the best dishes Olive Garden has to offer year-round. 10. Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara There’s nothing better than a heaping pile of pasta with creamy sauce, shrimp, bacon, and cheese.

Like most restaurants, Olive Garden lets you add grilled chicken or shrimp to any salad. But did you know that you can ask for the Chicken Parm chicken on your salad instead? You can also request Shrimp Fritta on your salad to give it some extra crunch. This has to be the best Olive Garden secret menu hack we’ve heard about! 8. Try the Secret Sauce

Despite the fact that pasta is one of—if not the —easiest dish to make at home, Olive Garden remains one of the most popular food chains in America. The Italian-style restaurant strives to make everyone feel like family during their dining experience, and something tells us it’s certainly working.

It’s said Olive Garden’s chicken isn’t real. “All across the board, they changed their chicken about six years ago from good chicken to chicken that’s not so great,” Newsweek reported the former employee said. “It’s not 100 percent chicken, and the chicken that comes on the never-ending pasta bowl is actually canned chicken.

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