What Does Condensed Mean In Soup?

What is Condensed Soup? Condensed soup is easily made with milk or water. Condensed soup is soup that is cooked with a minimum of water, so that it forms a thick stock which almost resembles a sauce. To use it, consumers add water or cream to the highly concentrated soup and heat it.

In casseroles, pot pies and the like, condensed soup is usually added without additional water. It serves as a thickening agent and will pick up sufficient water from whatever vegetables etc. you also have in the recipe.

Definition of condensed : reduced to a more compact or dense form also : having a face narrower than that of a standard typeface : reduced to a more compact or dense form condensed metaphase chromosomes condensed heterochromatin

After the cooking process is complete, the condensed product is packaged for sale. Typically, it is shelf stable in a sealed container for several years. Some consumers complain that commercially available soup is too salty, and they prefer to make their own at home.

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