What Can You Not Eat On A Road Trip?

The Worst Foods To Eat On A Road Trip :

  • 1 Packaged Wraps or Sandwiches. Packaged sandwiches on the go may seem like a good idea at first, but not so much when…
  • 2 Fast Food. Fast food is great if you’re ending a night out with friends and heading immediately home. But it can make…
  • 3 Sunflower Seeds. This might be obvious to some, but there’s technically nothing wrong with sunflower seeds. Sure…
  • 4 Milkshakes. Even though milkshakes are straight godly food, they’re still made with a lot of dairy which can upset…

But if you want to keep those costs down and bring your own food for your entire trip, there are absolutely plenty of options for your dinner meals. If travelling for several days or weeks over a long road trip, it may be a good idea to bring a small portable camping stove.

Our road trip food list includes easy road trip snacks, as well as portable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options – plus, a FREE Road Trip Food List printable to take with you to the grocery store. The links on this page are Amazon affiliate links.

All of a sudden, it becomes acceptable to eat ice cream for dinner, and snack on Skittles before breakfast. The options that are provided at gas stations, convenience stores, and fast food chains along the way leave us feeling like it’s okay to eat unhealthy while on the road, because what other options are there?

By making a road trip food list and packing fun road trip snacks, you’ll avoid having to stop and spend as much. Our road trip food list includes easy road trip snacks, as well as portable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options – plus, a FREE Road Trip Food List printable to take with you to the grocery store.

What is a road trip?

Road trips are all about new sights, tasting unique snacks, and singalongs. The best road trip moments are always the ones that are shared with your family and closet friends. One part of road trips that is especially fun are the pit stops. Depending on where you are, you can find really interesting road stops and even more interesting food options.

Similar to tomatoes, oranges, lemons, limes, and anything citrus- y or acidic can make you want to urinate a lot. 12 Anything Spicy. Victor CardonerGetty Images. Spicy food increases your body temperature and that might be a little uncomfortable on a long road trip with very few rest stops. 13 Coffee or Caffeinated Tea.

It can lead to symptoms like upset stomach, nausea, and gas. FODMAP are chain carbohydrates that can cause blockage in the small intestine which can lead to digestive discomfort. Candies are rich with FODMAP and probably not the best idea if you’re going to be sitting down for a long period of time.

Stick to a different protein for your next road trip. Unless you’re doing the actual cooking, you don’ t know if said meat is fully cooked. Save yourself a bad gastronomic episode and eat something else.

But it can make you sluggish, and that’s not what you want when you’re driving. It’s also not good for long road trips where restroom breaks are sparse. Try holding it for 120 miles right after eating at In-N-Out.

Chips in general are pretty bad for your health, but salty chips on long road trips can lead to uncomfortable bloating. 9 Beef Jerky. CarlaMcGetty Images. Even though beef jerky is synonymous with road trips, it actually contains a lot of sodium that makes you thirsty and later develops into a need for the restroom.

Packaged wraps or sandwiches are (hopefully) made daily for purchase, but by the time you’re ready to eat, it’s been sitting unrefrigerated for a few hours. If the contents contain anything like mayonnaise, it’s definitely not good for consumption and can lead to an upset stomach or worse. 2 Fast Food.

What are some good carbs to eat on the road?

A banana is a great carb source. This fruit has lots of potassium, as well as fiber. An apple is another quick way to get a sugar boost while not feeling exaggeratedly full. Fruits along with veggies are easy to find while on the road. Carrots and celery can be a great road option accompanied by a low calorie avocado dip!

A piece of cooked meat might not be the best option. Road-trippers might be tempted into making this decision while stopping at a restaurant on the way. In the event that the meat is undercooked, this can result in a ride that no traveler wants to experience. It can lead to extreme un-comfort and severe nausea.

The sad reality is that jerky is loaded with added preservatives. It is also filled with sodium, that’ll have you reaching for the water bottle at various points during the ride. The added sodium is also going to make you feel really bloated and full – a feeling few travelers want to experience during a lengthy car ride.

Fast food is the easy option during a road trip. However truth be told fast food should not only be avoided during a lengthy trip, but it should be passed on in general. From elevated trans fats to increased cholesterol to terrible amounts of sodium, fast food just won’t make any traveler feel all that well. Fast food is also known to increase blood pressure.

Not that this is the most common road trip food, however it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to purchase a fresh bean salad at a local truck stop. It might seem like a good idea at first due its freshness and the fact that you might consider it a “salad”. However let’s not neglect what beans do, they make us, well, let’s just say, really gassy…

Just thinking of spicy foods, some of you might have thought about water and how refreshing it might be! Seriously if there is a ‘must’ during a road trip it’s a water bottle case – not only for the driver but for the passengers as well. A lack of water can result in a headache or other complications – dehydration is best to be avoided during lengthy road trips.

If an energy surge is needed, an espresso can also be a good option. A coffee is okay however you might have to pull over a couple of times due to the volume of coffee compared to a quick espresso shot.

What to eat on a road trip?

As an additional road trip food idea, save raisins and dried fruits for the end of the road trip as they do not risk spoiling. Make a fun sandwich with interesting toppings and a bun.

Road trips are one of our favorite types of family vacations because they allow for awesome family bonding time. Road trips can range from being very budget-friendly to out-of-this-world expensive if you do not plan ahead, especially when it comes to eating food.

Road tripping with toddlers presents its own set of challenges and requires additional thought when it comes to toddler-friendly road trip activities and food. When considering toddler road trip food ideas, the most important thing is to avoid giving them anything to eat that could be deemed a choking hazard.

What to bring on a long road trip?

If travelling for several days or weeks over a long road trip, it may be a good idea to bring a small portable camping stove. This will allow you to cook and heat meals you have pre-made at home and to make hot water for coffee or tea.

Road trip meal planning will keep your budget down and help you avoid the fast-food trail from destination to destination.

There are so many options for road trip snacks. Here are a few to get you started: Banana chocolate chip muffins – These are a great option for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Dinner may be the one meal of the day you do decide to find somewhere to dine out, especially if you are setting up in a room for the night and have options nearby.

But if not, there are plenty of light options to get the day started before you set off for your next leg of the long journey. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is a great way to give you energy before starting the next leg of your journey!

Having your road trip food packed and ready is the most important part, but don’t get caught out on the road by realising you have forgotten any of these non-food essentials for your road trip.

Road trips can be a budget-friendly family vacation that is fun for all ages, however, you can quickly blow out that budget if you are dining out for every meal during your road trip.

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