Ultimate Guide to Fashion Photography

fashion photography notions

Ultimate Guide to Fashion Photography

Who said the fashion photography is just about clothes? Without the correct knowledge of display, lighting, composition, even the most impressive clothes will look lifeless when printed in a catalog or displayed online. Fashion photography is a challenging discipline that combines the normal elements of photography with the life and energy of a model and her clothes.

In this guide, you will learn to take amazing fashion pictures that capture your model’s looks and outfits with ease, read on to learn how to become a professional fashion photographer.

Are you new to photography? To understand the things described in this article about fashion photography, although I have tried to keep them as simple as possible, you will need to know some basic concepts. If you still don’t know anything about these terms look for an article for beginners on Blog eMania.

Basics of Fashion Photography
fashion photography notions

If you are familiar with how to operate your digital camera in manual mode, you will have no problems adjusting to the basics of fashion photography. Since your subject rarely moves, fashion photography will be easy for most professional photographers.

Preparation, in my opinion, is the most important part of fashion photography. In fact, it’s not enough to prepare yourself, you have to be more and more prepared. Never start a fashion photography project without having a concrete idea of ​​what you want to achieve.

Carry with you some books, catalogs, magazines and even single sheets of fashion images, lighting suggestions, makeup, hairstyle, styling, poses, editing, etc. It’s very easy to run out of guesses how fashion photographer, but taking this content with you or keeping them on your desk will help you get great choices for your fashion photography.

Working with fashion is not just restricted to a team of hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, it goes much further, and you need to be involved in the entire process from A to Z. Stay open to suggestions and ideas, see what others can do bring to the discussion, but never hand over the reins of photography to anyone.

You can’t let someone else take on your vision of a professional photographer, not least because no one will be able to get the same point of view. If you do, it will control all your photos and you need a very smooth execution of your story and order for your audience to accept it, so don’t forget to take control of yours. fashion photography session.

Also, you have to believe in yourself, and your work! The best way to learn is to take on new challenges and throw yourself at them without fear of screwing up. Sometimes you can really screw it up, but mistakes are what you learn from.

For a really novice fashion photographer the first photo shoot can be difficult. You may find your mind running through all the possibilities of error and end up paralyzed. Avoid this by leaving all your fears out of the place where the fashion photographs.

Environment for Fashion Photography
ambient fashion photography

Choosing the right location is important if you want to convey a narrative within your fashion photography. For example, if the clothing is more hectic, or provocative you might want to consider an urban setting, as an alternative to spring/summer fashions find a rural setting such as a field, beach, forest or river bank.

Fashion photography is divided into two basic patterns, indoors and outdoors. the scenario of indoor fashion photography it could be your home, or any photo studio. As for the external one, it is customary to use the fashion photography in any environment interesting and even outdoors.

One photographic studio it’s an ideal place to conduct a fashion photo shoot because photographers can easily control lighting and stabilize conditions. If you’re shooting in a studio environment, remember to light all areas of the scene to avoid unwanted shadows ​​and use separate lighting instead of your own. digital camera, this will provide a more accurate reading.

However, the sessions of outdoor fashion photography they are generally more difficult than indoor shots as camera adjustment becomes more important in this format over time.

Choose your model wisely

One of the fundamental points of fashion photography is the choice of your model for the photos. It’s no use being a professional photographer and taking amazing pictures if your subject is turned off during the session.

Fashion photography must convey an essence of authority, so your model needs to be self-confident. Showing signs of anxiety, stress or lack of direction will invariably be reflected in the performance of your fashion photos.

Put together a list before shooting and rehearse techniques and composition for each fashion photograph in your mind and with your model. Prepare the location, props and clothing ahead of time, and for a truly effective session, be sure to jot down instructions consistently and calmly.

Try to identify the right model for your fashion photography. Remember that there can be different types of photos and backdrops and not all models fit them.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need big equipment to take a great fashion photo. If you are a beginner, on a limited budget, you can take good quality photos using nothing more than a single light source, two reflectors and a camera, for example.

you don’t need one kit Huge amount of fashion photography equipment, but it certainly helps if you have a good quality digital camera. Unless you’re going for the raw style, which is used more often in American ads, make sure you have one. DSLR camera Of Quality.

In fashion photography, resolution is very important, as they end up being directed to fashion magazines or catalogs. Therefore, they need to be extremely sharp at a high resolution, so the megapixel count of your DSLR digital camera has to be considerable.

Although some fashion photographers still show a preference for film, don’t be put off if you only have a digital camera. DSLR Cameras as well as Mirrorless Cameras Moderns outperform almost all film cameras, with them you can achieve great fashion photography, especially if you have the right lenses.

THE fashion photography is all about the right lens to the work. For landscape or sports photographers, put your lens of zoom and choose a wide angle to medium telephoto, adjustable from 15 to 55 millimeters.

You should also have a 50mm fixed focal length lens with a very fast aperture – preferably between f/a 1.2 and f/a 1.8, for use in darker, dimly lit fashion photographs.

Props are fantastic for telling a story within fashion photography, but one of the best accessories to wear is a mirror. A mirror can be used to tell a story and act as an effective tool that allows the photographer to view the front and back of their subject. You can use the reflection effect on these photos to get the best perspective, but be careful with the lighting so you don’t screw it up.

Fashion Photography Techniques

Photographers used to landscape photography or street photography will understand that the fashion photography techniques they can be similar and, therefore, very simple to put them into practice.

Many fashion photographers maintain their auto lens focus when capturing images in a studio. This is because the distance between the camera and the model will be practically the same during the entire fashion photography session, and for these cases, autofocus is more accurate than manual control.

Likewise, you have to set your exposure settings before you start taking fashion pictures. Most of the time, you can stay with the same ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings throughout your photo shoot. Some fashion photographers let the camera manage exposure while shooting.

What’s much more important than aperture and focus is lighting. Without the right kind of lighting and the perfect intensity, even the best photographer will not be successful in fashion photography.

Too much lighting, can wash your model. Too little lighting will create too many shadows and confuse the subject of your image. use the proper lighting for fashion photography and your space. If it’s just too bright, try using a softbox photographic to diffuse some of that light and soften it.

When shooting in low-light conditions or facing the sun, an extra light source may be needed. If all you have is a camera flash, so instead of shooting in a straight line, set it to jump from a lighting reflector in the vicinity of the wall or ceiling.

Experimenting with angles also helps you create an array of effects and find what works best for you and the scene you’re shooting. Be careful to pay attention to unwanted shadows that may fall all over the face and body.

For photographers who cannot yet invest in expensive equipment and professional studios, you can improvise at home. Clear a space in a room that benefits from large windows and spread a white sheet opposite the window. On a bright sunny day you will have a amazing home light for your fashion photography.

As a beginner you don’t need to buy any equipment of flash additional. A pair of lights with 500 watts of halogen and two reflectors to spread the light evenly throughout your studio will suffice.

Outdoor Fashion Photography
outdoor fashion photography

Not all fashion photography can be captured in the studio. Those photographs aimed at fashion catalogs, or calendars, are usually captured outdoors, often in exotic settings such as beaches and urban environments.

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At Your digital camera settings for fashion photography outdoors will generally bear a very close resemblance to landscape photos. However, it will require more control over the lighting aspects, as they can be more unstable than the studio photographs.

In each fashion photograph the focus can be differentiated. In jewelry photography, for example, the highlight will be these accessories. In clothes photos, they will be the focus of the image and so on.

The key is you identify the focus of your fashion photography and keep it highlighted in this field of the image.

Composition in fashion photography
fashion photography makeup

As with any other type of photography, composition is also important in fashion. In other words, everything in the image needs to be aligned.

Fashion photography is all about clothes and beauty, so every element of the scene and the model should reflect that. For example, if the session focuses on wearing clothes, complement it with makeup to enhance the clothes, and vice versa.

If you want a provocative or seductive look, heavy makeup and well-groomed hair will help achieve this effect. Alternatively, for an innocent or natural feel, choose makeup shades…

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